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Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5595

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For a time, they stayed there, wondering about the next step, how dangerous it was, and what chance at success they had. Flem remained faithful to the travelers. O'Hara was questioning his ability. Day commiserated, and as the hours eased on by, and fatigue settled in, they agreed to get some sleep, and regroup at 05:00.

Chapter Seventeen

Swain was brooding over the outcome of their previous battle. Busy hands allowed him an escape, so he joined Thewlian repair technicians and helped to fix everything from comm. lines on ships to personnel armor. One of the engineers was chewing on ice chips, making obscenely loud crunching sounds, which brought to the Human an epiphany; he decided to fill the Swainium bullet tips with a Bose-Einstein condensate.

After finishing a repair shift, he bolted to the weapons lab on the Carrier. There, he conversed with Thewls about his idea. They first stated he needed to contain the B.E.C.s with a miniscule force field—one so tiny it fit within the bullet—then, they claimed it wasn't going to kill Lokians anyway; they were resistant to cold, but Swain believed the crystallization of their exoskeleton or armor made them weaker, slower.

"I don't know why you'd want to continue firing physical ammunition. Energy based weaponry is more efficient, " an engineer advised.

"I agree, but, " he paused in mid-sentence as he moved to a computer. At the screen, he showed schematics for a new weapon, a lightweight, Swainium, mini gun. It was something he had tinkered with during his downtime. The engineer looked over Swain's head at the screen. "Until we get the time and materials to build new weapons for Humans, I gotta

our ancient culture."

Nandy had rifled through screens of historical events, and glossed over scant details of cultural traits relevant to present day Thewls, but he knew very little of their past. Since they had some time before reaching Soft Light, he asked Weh to educate him. Together, they both perused historical data, ancient mythologies, and past philosophies, which they promised to reintroduce when the time was right.


Sirt was eating in the mess hall when the two agents walked in. She saw them and motioned for them to join. They received plates from the cook then sat next to each other across from her.

"You two are very different from the other Humans, " Sirt said. "Are there different kinds of Humans?"

"No, " Franklin smiled.

"Your equipment is also different…does this mean that you are not part of the Navy?"

"We work for a secret agency back on Earth, " Adams said, nonchalantly.

"We have some experience in alien relations. The Bureau monitors alien activity in our solar system, but this is the first time we've ever made this level of contact, " Franklin added.

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