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   Chapter 58 No.58

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5345

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All eyes were on the crew. They, too, had sensed the answer. The traveler then revealed he was going to take the Carrier to an old, traveler ship, where he planned to teach the crew how to operate it. There was no time to waste. Flashes of Lokians destroying the races of the galaxy besieged the mind.

"You possess the power to stop the Lokians. Why leave the possibility of failure, " the ambassador asked.

The answer was a complicated one; destiny was an option. Anyone had the potential to accomplish a specific task, but there was no assurance. The travelers relinquished the ability to act directly. A star contained the raw power to stop the Lokians, but a star had no more volition than he.

It was a difficult concept to grasp, that a being maintaining awareness had no volition of its own, yet he showed that space-time had infinite roads. On some roads, the Lokians never obtained the power they required to begin their galactic onslaught. On other roads, their victory was inevitable. On their particular road, the traveler had no choice but to act upon what was provided—O'Hara and his crew. His duty was to guide the spec ops team, and that was based solely on the fact that they arrived, and were attacked at that very instant, in that very dimension.

The traveler instructed Admiral Yew to plot a series of jumps to the Carina-Sagittarius arm housing the Scythe nebula. The nebula was home to the Rhauss system. There, a planet named Soft Light was formerly a traveler colony. A ship, which sat unused for over one thousand years, was awaiting a new pilot.

"A ship?" Yew was

s pelvis, his eyes closed; he looked like to be holding a giant, invisible pot.

She glanced around. No one was interrupting his ministrations. She reached out for him, but stopped herself.

"This is him, " she asked someone.

"That is the traveler, " a Thewl said, marveling.

"He's really something, " one of her crew said.

"I gotta' see O'Hara. Thanks so much, guys. You all did a great job, " she said and ran off.

Day guessed the crew had retired to their quarters for a little relaxation. On her way back to the Explorer, she passed busy deckhands. Many had panels off the walls, conducting repairs. It looked like both the Explorer and the Carrier had sustained a degree of internal damage.

"Captain, Day. Copy?"

"In my quarters, " he replied.

"Can I drop in?"

"Of course."

She detected something in his voice, but brushed it off, choosing to believe it was the comm. unit and not the captain that sounded strange. She walked through the opened doorway when she finally made it to his room. He was sitting on the edge of the bed.

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