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   Chapter 57 No.57

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5630

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"Notre Dame, the things we must face, " DeReaux remarked, gauging the battle.

The bugs pivoted their wings to unleash weaponry. Jor-Tune and DeReaux felt the eyes of the traveler assuming control. Suddenly, they saw all the angles, the timing; everything became clear, and they fired their cannons. Korit and Swain sensed a guiding hand as well. They were one with their vehicles, one with the terrain.

A sweet peace enveloped the men. Fighting became a simple thing, a natural, bodily action. There was no outward sign of the traveler's interaction. Physically, he remained lethargic, but the soldiers were in the thick of things.

Enemies zipped all around, a swarm of robotic beetles and hornets. Thewlian fighters chased them down, shooting round after round of super heated gas. Crashing and burning, Lokians all came to a halt, forcing fighters to bank sharply. Dozens of alien ships were immediately blown out of the sky, and what few remained performed a coordinated maneuver; they all turned on the rovers.

O'Hara knew they were after the traveler. Destroying him was their only hope of survival. Innumerable, red beams carved trenches over the ground; the intricate display was crawling towards his crew. Gunmen managed to reduce the vanguard to dust, and Thewlian air support finished off the remnants.

After the brief interaction with the traveler, DeReaux and Jor-Tune returned to a normal state of awareness. Slowly, Swain and Korit came down as well. They were left with a bewildering sense of loss.

"What was that, " Swain asked in shock.

"You guys felt it, too, " DeReaux cringed.

"What? What was it, " O'Hara demanded.

"Ask the traveler, " Korit

to his crew.

"Guess he's right. We should all check in."

They quickly filed into the service car. Before the doors shut, the traveler joined them. Together, they rode to the Carrier's bridge, where everyone met up with Admiral Yew and Ambassador Weh. Beeps and clicks from instruments resounded. No one said a word. All eyes were on the creature.

"W-welcome back, men, and fantastic job, " the admiral said.

The traveler approached the Thewlian leaders. Their eyes rolled around their heads, and they shook cobwebs from their minds; both had received flashes of images. After the Thewls recovered from the mental onslaught, they presented their concerns.

"What exactly are we supposed to do if you can't act directly, " the admiral's complexion darkened.

The traveler replied in his, own, peculiar way. His purpose was to ensure the safety of the spec ops team. They had already been chosen by the universe to attempt the destruction of the Lokians. The traveler had no choice but to keep them alive. He had to guide them to their destination. Ultimately, their decisions either led to victory or defeat.

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