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   Chapter 56 No.56

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5176

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I can travel there on my own, but I can no longer affect things directly. I will act through you. I will show you the marvels I have mastered and the steps I have climbed.

O'Hara stood there dumbfounded. He stared at the stocky alien, able only to wonder. Korit approached the captain then placed a mammoth hand on his shoulder. O'Hara snapped out of reverie and looked at his friend.

"That's him. We've done it, " Korit said.

He thought back to what the ambassador had first said about their benefactors, about how they communicated, and he understood why Weh presented his case with such ambiguity. Still baffled by the immensity of the traveler's presence, he remained slack-jawed, watching the being move.

The traveler walked towards the entry tunnel. He moved past the lighted area then vanished in the darkness. Everyone was stuck to the ground, at once elated and terrified.

"Guess we should follow, " Swain whispered.

He rubbed his arm, which, now healed, had been broken in battle. It no longer hurt. He motioned with his head, and they all started walking.

"Everyone good, " O'Hara asked.

They all nodded and followed Swain. Adams and Franklin were redistributing whatever weapons looked intact. DeReaux stopped to pick up a lighting device. He tossed it to Jor-Tune, who turned it off.

Korit set his comm. to broadband. "They are still fighting outside."

"Maybe we should wait before we exit, " Sirt puffed.

"I think we should get out there and kick some bug ass, " Fitzpatrick argued.

The captain followed

Nandesrikahl chuckled.

"Heh. You got knocked the fuck out right away, huh, " Fitzpatrick laughed.

Nandesrikahl winced, staring at the traveler. He wanted to see the creature's eyes, demand answers, but the beastly man remained relaxed, his eyes closed and head tilted back against the headrest. Nandy resigned himself to the mystery.

"We all saw what he did, " Fitzpatrick started.

"No, only you and DeReaux saw what he did. All we know is that our asses were saved…which I suppose counts for a lot, " the captain replied.

"'Ow did he get out of the ice, " Nandesrikahl asked.

"No time, children. Man the guns, " Swain ordered.

The vehicles burst free, reborn into battle. Jor-Tune and DeReaux manned the cannons. While the crews scrutinized the glistening panorama, Lokians still danced in the sky. Their Thewlian counterparts replied to red lasers with explosive bursts of blue. The magnificent flurry of lights dazzled the eyes. Two, hornet-type Lokians banked simultaneously, barreling towards the rovers.

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