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   Chapter 55 No.55

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5688

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"Leap into them, " the captain barked.

He and Swain smashed into the creature holding the agent. Once they all toppled over, Franklin finally took one of his shard grenades, fed it to the beast, and scuttled away. The brawler's head burst like a ripe tomato, so O'Hara and Swain stood and fired into yet another creature before something struck the captain. Spit actually flew from his mouth, and he bounced off the ground.

From his side, he saw more aliens scramble from the darkness. Someone was screaming. One of the agents careened into the other. With a furrowed brow, and piercing ring in his ears, O'Hara tried to come to his feet. Something bent in him half; a Lokian had kicked him into a pillar, where he whacked his noggin again.

Ice, rocks, guns, bullets, men; they were all over the ground. I…I have to get the, we, shit…think straight. I have to stop these things. He managed to push himself to hands and knees, but even that made him dizzy, nauseated. Regardless, he fired at immense, fleeting shapes, red lines that vanished behind pillars; he heard shots and casings hit the ground, but everywhere he looked, people were running, and aliens were either chasing them, or striking them.

"Oh, man, " Fitzpatrick whispered in fear.

"No time for that, stay focused, " DeReaux reassured.

"Hold on, " O'Hara shouted. Grunting, he forced himself upright, pointed at a creature, and fired. When it turned to stare him down, he pointed at another and fired. One-by-one, he turned them all against himself. "You leave them alone, you alien assholes. You leave my crew alone!"

A kick sent him sailing backwards. He skidded into Swain who reached a hand for him. The big man let ou

, they were all in great spirits, and before them stood the man with all the answers. A second gust of energy moved through the subterranean extent, and they knew in their bones the traveler had come to help them.

Complete thoughts were imprinted upon their minds. They were more than pictures and words, more than ideas, or concepts; it was a silent knowledge, total and complete, if a bit confusing. Concise, cohesive units of ideas and explanations provided an all encompassing answer.

I am a traveler. I travel worlds upon worlds. I travel through time, and observe the lines, which unfold. I see all outcomes, but I affect none. I have the power to do as I please, but desire nothing.

Lokians will not stop. They will achieve what I have achieved through artificial means. Their bioengineering is growing at a compounded rate, and soon they will ravage the galaxy. There is but one way to end this threat; you must travel to their home world, and destroy their queen.

The creature had not said a word. He had uttered no sounds, but they knew what he meant. It was more than a voice in their minds; it was pure intent.

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