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   Chapter 54 No.54

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5094

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"Holy crap, " O'Hara cried out.

He puffed and groaned, and what little he saw through a smeared visor scared the bajeezes out of him. Something stunned the enemy, giving O'Hara time to scramble to his feet. He saw the brawler nab Nandy, it made to cut through his arm, but when a blue burst washed over its head, it turned, spotted Jor-Tune, and threw the Human at him. As they tumbled over each other, O'Hara fired. To his dismay, the brawler leapt to a pillar, latched on, and scurried up into the darkened ceiling.

"Shoot the tubes, " DeReaux yelled.

Between him and Fitzpatrick, they had managed to slow one down by pumping holes throughout the strange hoses. A rusty material oozed out, which greatly affected the beast. It not only slowed, but it deflated, losing its strength, speed, momentum; it was bleeding out.

Unfortunately, aiming for tubes the size of golf balls moving at seventy miles an hour was easier said than done. O'Hara took a knee to aim for the apparatus of a brawler wrestling with Swain, who kept his rifle pressed against its face.

"Shit, Swain, " O'Hara muttered. He was scared to miss the alien and hit his comrade. "I'm coming!"

Rather than firing, he ran for the Lokian. It spun, slammed Swain into him, and leapt away into the darkness again. The allied team members were being tossed, beaten, and crushed underfoot. Screams resounded through the comms.

"God, fuckin' assholes, " Fitzpatrick grumbled.

She ran from cover, shoulder rolled, took a knee, and fired a shot, w

x Crew fired everything they had. One creature stumbled, taking another to the ground with it, but one leapt clean over them, landed behind the Humans, and knocked them over with the swipe of paired arms.

Just then, Franklin landed next to it, ducked from a slash, struck hoses with his baton, and hopped backwards. The brawler yanked him by the ankle, and swung him into its brethren. Swain and O'Hara met eyes then.

"Snipers, cover, " he ordered.

He and the big man took off at diverging angles, giving the snipers a clear line of sight, so long as Adams, who reentered the melee, destroyed the injured brawler flailing beside them. As everyone moved, or ran, or fired, or swung weapons, the Thewls hit the ground.

O'Hara heard Korit say two, more enemies were dead, but their gas concoction, which had made them stronger, also put them to sleep. Wondering why they employed such drastic measures, the captain honed in on Franklin's body; he was kicking while trying to reach something in his harness.

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