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   Chapter 53 No.53

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5349

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Another Thewl introduced herself as Sirt. She ambled about with Fitzpatrick and DeReaux. Minutes of roaming mindlessly stretched on. As time passed, one person groaned, stretched their neck, rolled their shoulders, or muttered obscenities regarding their backs, their enemies, their dead friends.

"Hey, Frenchie, take a look, " Fitzpatrick shouted while aiming her gun light.

The beam bounced off icy cracks. DeReaux walked over, but didn't see anything remarkable. He turned to ask her, but she shoved him back towards the formation. He pointed his light. It wasn't a frosty, stone pillar; it was all ice, and there was a face frozen inside it.

"Guys, " DeReaux screamed.

The others ran over to observe the discovery. The ice distorted shining beams, so it was tough to discern what they were seeing, but there was a beastly figure encased in the formation.

"Crikey, " Nandy whispered. "It looks like an ape."

"This couldn't be a traveler, " O'Hara said, looking to Korit, who placed a hand on the pillar.

"I, I have no idea…."

"Look for more, " O'Hara ordered and took off.

Nandesrikahl followed. Seconds later, and a few pillars away, he found another. Korit found one more.

"This, this is them, " Korit stuttered. "They're here. They're all here."

"They may or may not be the travelers, " Adams was skeptical.

"Well, how do we get them out, " Sirt asked.

"Not sure, " Korit replied.

All the men turned to face Adams and Franklin. "What, " Adams asked.

"We don't know, " Franklin added.

Glances of disbelief and anxiety passed. Minds were rattled. No one

. "Snipers, see anything?"

"Just that thing dash by, but it vanished in the dark, " Fitzpatrick said.

Rhythmic breathing sounded through comms. No one said anything for a moment. Swain had helped Nandy to his feet. He wasn't hurt, just scared.

A brawler leapt from behind a pillar, spat a voluminous glob of goo, covering O'Hara's visor, and bowled through the friendly formation. The thing was so big and strong, it knocked over Thewls like they were toys. Then, another ran through them, snatching Sirt up with pincers. She kicked and screamed, but positioned over the Lokian's head—nearly twelve feet off the ground—she had no way to fight.

Korit fired his rifle, and a burst of plasma made the Lokian stumble. It spun, flung Sirt into a pillar, and bore down on the crew like greased lightning. O'Hara opened fire. The Swainium ammunition did minor damage, knocking bits of alloys off the brawler's plating, but it reached the crew, took the captain to the ground, and when the snipers emerged to take shots, another one slung them into the distance.

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