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   Chapter 52 No.52

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5168

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"There's movement, " Nandesrikahl choked as he tossed rocks from the vehicle. "Anybody, this is Nandy. Zak, Swain, someone talk to me!"

Martinez tried to climb out when Thewls pulled rocks from a window. He was breathing erratically, retching, and grasped Nandesrikahl's arm tightly for just a second. Then, he went limp.

Adams and Franklin circled the vehicle to find O'Hara desperately trying to pull people from the wreckage. Zakowski had not survived. His mangled corpse lay still, his face, lifeless.

"Oof, " Swain grunted when O'Hara pulled Zak free. "He-help me."

The big man was pushing DeReaux and Fitzpatrick through a cramped space. Once the window was cleared, Nandesrikahl rushed to check them. The sniper and spotter were unconscious, but they were breathing. No one else survived.

The third and final rover of the initial eight pulled up right then. O'Hara was shocked by its condition. All the fields were out, and most of the roof was sheared off.

"It's Korit. Copy?"

"Jesus, we copy. We have to get to safety, " the captain mumbled.

O'Hara's driver pulled up next to Korit's rover. Its crew piled in. Swain, and Fitzpatrick and DeReaux, who were then conscious, entered Korit's. They exchanged glances, wondering where the rest of his crew was. After noticing blood and pieces of armor on the seats, it became apparent.

Finally, the rovers sped off. What remnants of their air support remained covered them as they penetrated the darkened crevice carved into the cliff side.

"Ah, shit, " O'Hara cried.

austion wracked their bones, but they spotted a wide opening ahead.

When they moved beyond the corridor and into an empty extent supported by numerous, natural pillars, they crept carefully, turning, pointing their lights, gawking in awe at stalactites. "Better drop a light, " the driver said.

The cavern lit up. The lighting device, like the one Korit had employed too recently, revealed more, giant pillars of ice, frozen ground, and a ceiling fifteen feet above them. Where ever they were, they didn't see any walls, just shadows of pillars and then darkness. Korit tossed another light, but still, they didn't see much more than an intricate network of natural, supporting posts.

"Let's spread out, " O'Hara suggested.

"Agreed, " Korit said.

While he joined the captain, the agents meandered off. Nandesrikahl kept stride with Swain and the driver.

"I'm Swain, " he said, extending a hand. "This is Nandesrikahl. Mostly, we call him Nandy."

"Jor-Tune, " he replied and enveloped Swain's hand for a shake.

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