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   Chapter 51 No.51

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5573

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"Jesus Fucking Christ, " Fitzpatrick yelled.

"Keep your cool, " O'Hara shouted back.

"Captain, we're not going to make it if they keep coming, " DeReaux shouted.

"We've got this, just stay calm, " a familiar, guttural voice yelled back.

Suddenly, the driver gave a Thewlish scream, and a wild impact sent everyone headlong. He had mashed the breaks when two rovers collided ahead of him. Laser beams sheared one in half. Thewls scurried from a downed vehicle.

The captain's mind went blank. His vision grew tunneled as sounds diminished around him. When he heard blaring through his earpiece, a modicum of control returned, and he crawled to his seat.

"What…what happened?"

Dust covered the rover, obscuring vision. Then, he saw something halt outside. As soon as his rover moved again, he took the gun.

"We're not supposed to engage, " Nandy barked.

Ignoring him, he fired angrily, nailing one Lokian then another. It wasn't easy keeping his eyes on the enemies barreling in all directions while the rover bounced all over the place. Nandy turned from his captain to the Thewls; their eyes were firm, fierce. He then looked to the agents, both of whom nervously thumbed their chins.

Finally, Explorers gained a degree of control by firing one at time. Volleys of energy blew Lokians out of the sky. O'Hara fired off another round before a bump knocked his head into the ceiling. Nandy held him up.


"O' course, Sir."


Three Lokians were hot on Day's ship. There was no time to worry about her six while planet bound enemies shot past her. She avoided laser blasts as her gunmen dropped the pursuers. Piercing Sahagun

e driver took off. O'Hara pulled free from the agent, scrambled over a seat, and demanded the driver stop to let them out.

"No! Our orders are to get to safety."

O'Hara shoved the barrel of his sidearm into the young Thewl's face.

"Let us out, " he grunted.

The Thewl nodded and came to a halt. "O'Hara, " the agents yelled.

Shaking their heads, they all ran for Swain's vehicle. One of the Thewls leered overhead at the impending doom. The cacophony of searing lasers, exploding plasma, screeching Lokians, and crashing ships thundered all around. The ground shook, people screamed in their earpieces, bright flashes forced the eyes shut. All manner of ships flew at top speeds, firing, dodging, skidding off the ground as waves of white stone went sailing.

Mere yards away, an upside down rover sat still. It was badly damaged. Scorch marks covered the doors. Two laser beams had nicked it, causing the frame to melt. All the protective fields had disengaged. Adams and Franklin remained as calm as possible, surveying their surroundings. The driver of O'Hara's vehicle took the gun in vein.

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