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   Chapter 50 No.50

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5827

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Executing a rocking motion to propel itself, the transporter fanned out something like a tail, which displayed even more tentacles and reflective webbing. Two fins slowly unfurled from the thing's flanks, and those, too, had tentacles. She was totally shocked, wondering if she was dreaming the unbelievable monster swimming through space.

"Fighters, regroup ahead of the Carrier, and hit them with a volley of plasma bursts. Go."

When the coordinator barked, she blinked rapidly; a modicum of awe remained with her, but she was ready to move. Maneuvering amidst friend and foe alike, she maintained a trajectory for the transporter. Both forces received heavy damage from radiant fire power.

A wave accosted her vessel. Shields kept errant lasers from destroying her, but just a handful of direct hits were enough to blow her to dust, so she cut right, barrel rolled, and locked on to enemies' rears. New orders blared over the speakers to hightail it towards Sahagun; more drop ships were engaging, and their efforts were aimed at the Carrier.

Ropey, red lasers cut swaths through deep space. Sparks and flares bounced off the Carrier's shielding before snuffing out. Several of the individually linked plates sizzled and popped as force fields broke down or overheated.

"Break away, " the coordinator yelled.

"What now?!"

"Get out of there. Get to the planet. The admiral's engaging the arc laser again."


She cut a tight circle, dipped her ship's nose, locked on to the white rock, and made a straight line for it. Behind her, the enemy amassed around the Carrier, creating a living dome. In response, the arc laser decimated the insect forces. Exoskeleton, shining steel, all manner of debris bounced off the

miral Yew's voice blared over the speakers again, "Rovers! Find safety. Your mission is of the utmost importance. Do not engage the enemy!"

Cursing under their breaths, they found themselves overwhelmed by both the attack and a demand to avoid helping their compatriots. When a fleet of Lokians swooped overhead, raining red lightning over the ground crew, they hit their breaks again, and were immediately swarmed by brown and silvery insects the size of a home.

Swain whipped around while Martinez took the mounted cannon. "Don't fire!" someone yelled.

It was too late. Marty unleashed several bursts of plasma. Super heated light soared through the darkness, smacking one of the beetle-like ships.

"Whooo! Take that, ya' sons of bitches, " he screamed as the recoil reverberated through his knotty arms.

"What did I just say?" Swain bellowed.

Marty looked befuddled; he scanned the eyes of the others in the rover. They all felt the same need to fight. Further chastising his subordinate, Swain cut right to avoid a divot, and sent his crew from their seats. No one said a word, but Marty kept his fingers locked around the cannon controls.

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