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   Chapter 49 No.49

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5534

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Lokians were closing in at a phenomenal rate. Their fighters, creatures bred and built in a fashion resembling mechanical beetles and hornets, took the forefront. Quickly and efficiently they arranged themselves in such a tight formation that they maneuvered as one single unit; they were like a swarm of fish, which sensed one another via lateral lines.

Thewlian fighter pilots looked on in horror as shiny, sleek, space bugs bore down. Gritting their teeth and dimming their faces, they prepared for the worst. Then, Yew's orders blared over speakers.

"Once the enemy fighters close the gap, fire the AMRMC. I want to blow this alien trash to Hell and back!" The enemy came in, shifting panels to reveal all manners of protuberances, cannons, glowing membranes, and arcs of fizzling energy. Thewlian fighters held firm, however, they knew what an AMRMC did, and they wanted no part of its catastrophic damage, so they waited, breaths held, for the enemy to move just a little closer. "Fire, " Yew shouted.

From the Carrier's cannon, a black blast flew through space. It covered some serious distance before the reverse charge broke down. Suddenly, as anti-matter particles were freed from their field, they collided with standard particles, resulting in an expanding array of black and white lightning. Carnage knocked out half the Lokian fighters—the whole of their rear—in mid-flight, yet the enemy transporters remained a safe distance as if gauging the battlefield.

Slowly, the AMRMC blast vaporized, leaving Thewlian forces an opportunity to engage half as many enemy vessels. They broke into various formations, fired plasma bursts at the i

ady, and it maneuvers all across the Carrier. Its course has been plotted and can't be changed while it fires."

"Okay, " she breathed.

Enemies fell for the bait; they grouped tightly in order to strike at the Carrier, when a beam of pure white shot forth from an alloy ball connected to a special lens mounted on a track system, which ran all over the Carrier's exterior. An elegant pattern of super heated ultra concentrated photons glimmered through space, cutting through Lokian forces. Suddenly, the enemy broke off and retreated.

"They're running away, " Day sighed.

"Never, " the coordinator growled. "Here we go. Get ready."

A sort of rumble went through the enemy drop ship. It was something like a muscular twitch, which reflected light as the movement passed. Then, the enemy fighters swarmed in, and all of them moved out in a wide arc before making for the Carrier again. As the drop ship drew closer, Day saw it looked like a fish, or an angular jellyfish, with two tendrils extending from the forefront above optics. She knew it was alive, conscious, and searching for prey.

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