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   Chapter 48 No.48

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5731

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Unable to stop smiling, Nandy just showed his pearly whites, while Marty rattled off how great the new rifles were. DeReaux joined them, followed by more Thewls, and then the agents. After Swain bolted for the loading zone to pick a rover, the rest kept their eyes glued to the monitor at the far end of the Explorer's bridge.

Chapter Thirteen

O'Hara and crew marched to the loading zone where they piled into multiple rovers. Rather than keeping Humans and Thewls separate, everyone shared seats. O'Hara was stuck with the agents, who stared at the ceiling while a Thewlish countdown ensued.


In the far reaches of space, against a backdrop of distant stars and the hazy light of a glowing, gas giant, the Carrier employed stabilizers, reducing speed to a standstill. As immense panels released hydraulic pressure, rotated, and slid beside the enormous sphere, Explorers and various fighters took formation. One Explorer took point, locking onto Sahagun, a tiny speck of white like a snowball floating amidst the interminable void.

One-by-one, the space crafts pierced the thin atmosphere. Zooming over crags, mountains, smooth webs of ice, and numerous depressions formed from millennia of crashing comets, the Explorers finally touched down; their hatches opened to release eight rovers. Swain occupied the driver seat of one carrying Martinez, DeReaux, Fitzpatrick, Zakowski, and three Thewls. Another vehicle carried O'Hara, Nandesrikahl, the agents, and four Thewls. The squadron of surveyors barreled over bumpy, frosty terrain.


All were awestruck by the glowing, gas giant; it resembled a pulsating, reddish moon. Flares of pinkish fire gushed out in all directions, giving the imp

Back on Sahagun, the crews of each rover braced themselves. "Aw, shit, " Swain gasped.

"Stay focused. They got us covered, " Martinez reassured.

Swain looked to the Thewl on his left, who nodded. "You're doing fine. Head for the ice mountains in the distance. You there, take the gun, " he said.

Martinez wasted no time, moving to a seat on a slightly higher level towards the rear of the rover. Another Thewl quickly ran down instructions on how to operate the cannon.

"Hell yeah! We gonna' fry these bitches, " Martinez yelled.


Just beyond Sahagun's atmosphere, the Carrier powered its weaponry. Apart from plasma cannons was a devastating, anti-matter, reverse, magnetron charge, or just AMRMC. Swain and Martinez had studied its properties extensively during their week long trek. It was an ingenious weapon, which fired a conglomerate of anti-matter particles. The reverse, magnetron charge contained the explosion caused by collisions of matter and anti-matter particles. In short, the AMRMC caused a destabilization of spatial particles, a potent, high-frequency explosion, but partially contained in one spot.

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