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   Chapter 47 No.47

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5042

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As the seven day sojourn unfolded, the crew spent as much of their time together as they did separately, with Thewls, learning more and more of everything there was to learn. When they weren't helping deckhands, they met up to share their newfound knowledge with each other. Adams and Franklin also schooled the Human crew on the Grays, however the agents spent most of their time building relations or compiling data on the Lokians, which they sent back to Bureau HQ, which meant meeting with them was rare.

Meanwhile, Swain finished crafting his Swainium bullets. Martinez and DeReaux tested the new ammunition, which used Helium-4 as a propellant. Initial tests revealed the explosions were too powerful for their gun barrels, so new Swainium barrels were created. They were lighter, sturdier, and dissipated heat more efficiently.


The series of coalescence jumps led through several arms of the galaxy. By the end of the week, the ship arrived at its destination. That morning at 06:00 hours, the captain called his crew to the Carrier's bridge, where they found Lam-Yung scanning the system.

"Sahagun is a small, white, dwarf planet, " she reported.

Nandesrikahl walked over to the screen and looked over her elbow. "What's it called? The system, I mean."

"There was no name for it. In fact, the only named object was the planet."

"Well, that won't do. What do you think about Centaur system, " he asked the bridge.

"Good a name as any, I suppose, " O'Hara shrugged.

The alien

yelled at O'Hara's wrist.

"Yep. I like the Type-B ships. I already have one picked out, so if you'll excuse me, " she cut communications.

"Anyone else have any surprises, " the captain asked aloud.

"Sir, " Swain saluted. O'Hara returned it. He had been standing with some Thewls outside the lift, talking, when the captain showed up. "I think I have a surprise."


"You asked if anyone had a surprise, well, they asked me if I want to drive a rover; I'd love to put one of those babies through its paces, " Swain said, eagerly.

"You don't know how to drive that thing, " Martinez said. O'Hara turned to see him exiting another lift. "'Sup, Cap?"

"Hey…do you know how to drive one?"

"I'ma 'bout to find out, " Swain replied, comically, pretending to lean back and drive lazily.

"Captain, gentlemen, " Nandy said when he stepped onto the bridge along with some Thewls, who immediately took posts. "This is so exciting."

"Hey! Keep it in your pants, " Fitzpatrick joked.

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