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   Chapter 46 No.46

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5212

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"What about you, " O'Hara asked Nandesrikahl.

"I spent some time pouring over historical and cultural data. Our friends are not so different from us, to say the least. O' course, some big changes occurred once their planet was destroyed. They had to give up their arts; music, dancing, all the things we take for granted, " he breathed. "I must say, this Lokian threat is far wider than we had assumed. Certainly, they spell doom, but even the survivors are relegated to a mere fraction of their former grace…our Thewlian friends are vastly dissimilar, far more than, say, Human colonists compared with home worlders."

Home worlders was a term reserved for Humans born and raised on Earth. The few times, O'Hara had met them, they were somehow different in the way they comported themselves. That made him think about the Thewls, and how different their lives on their home world must have been. A familiar face approached the table, breaking his concentration.

"Lam-Yung, right, " he asked.

"That is correct, Captain. How are you?"

"We're all just trying to come to grips with everything."

His crew agreed and invited her to join them. She took a seat next to Zak. DeReaux eyed her ample bosom heaving beneath a loose robe. Fitzpatrick squinted at him.

"I understand, " her hue paled to a pinkish gray when she spoke. "Fighting is never easy, not this kind of fighting; we are all struggling to survive."

"Yes, " Nandy said. "I read over some of your history."

"We was just talking 'bout that, " Marty smiled.

"Oh, " the Thewl nodded

y have no desire for destruction."

After meeting back up with the others, Day stated she had been invited to ride on a fighter, so O'Hara let her scoot. Some of the others also wanted to visit different decks. Lam-Yung was open to anything; she left with Swain, Marty, Fitzpatrick, and DeReaux for the weapons lab.

Zak, Nandy, and the captain climbed up a set of stairs, a rather difficult feat, and from high up, they leaned against the rail to observe their alien friends. Everything was regimented, organized, and they functioned with efficiency without being cold or hard. In fact, they were all rather congenial, and they accepted change, and all seemed happy to coexist, if temporarily, with Humans.

Finally, they all went their separate ways. O'Hara bumped into the agents outside his crew quarters. They exchanged looks, but Adams and Franklin claimed they were busy. They didn't apologize or explain; they just walked off, vanishing around a corner. Weird, they're always together, like one person. He smiled to himself.

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