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   Chapter 45 No.45

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5005

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"I see, " O'Hara said before engaging the ambassador, who sat in a large chair at the far end of the bridge.

"What is it, Captain?"

"I would like to suggest that we begin building relations in order to unite against the Lokians. If the travelers aren't on Sahagun then I need to return to Eon. I also need to inform Admiral Lay as it is."

"I am in agreement. We are close enough to Earth now, and as you know, we would like to land there…."

"Allow me to confer with Adams and Franklin; they have some knowledge on these matters, " O'Hara said and half turned to look at the two men. They were standing by the entryway with hands clasped in front of their bodies. "We're close enough to Earth to land. Do we inform Earth's government of the Lokian threat? Is there some sort of protocol, or can we just tell them to prepare?"

The agents exchanged a glance and smirked. For an unknown reason, the action irritated him. He thought it was fatigue.

Adams spoke first. "We've already contacted The Bureau."

"Right, they'll take precautions and spread the information through proper channels, " Franklin added. "You really don't need to concern yourself with anything outside of finding the travelers."

"We'll make sure the ambassador establishes contacts within The Bureau, " Adams consoled.

"What about Admiral Lay? Should I get in touch with him for a debriefing?"

"Don't you think we handled that, " Franklin chuckled. "We keep him up to date with everything…including your p

agun will have a Lokian presence."

"Yeah, " he sighed, shoveling some purple jelly down his gullet. Looking at their expressions of acceptance, he returned a sad smile. "What the Hell are we eating, anyway?"

"Fuck if I know, but that shit taste goood, " Martinez grinned.

They all enjoyed a brief laugh. "Okay, so, what've you guys been up to? Learn anything, " O'Hara pried.

Swain beamed with pride, saying, "Well, Sir, I have personally worked side-by-side with our alien friends. We're trying to make new ammunition. See, we were working with an Element-115 alloy, I can't call it what they do, so we call it Swainium, " he said.

They all laughed again. "Swainium, huh?" Fitzpatrick interrupted.

"How's it working out, " Zakowski asked.

"Haven't made much progress, I'm afraid; still need to test the bullets, but it's all very interesting. I'll keep you posted."

"Man, why ain't you tell me?" Marty joked. "Lemme' give you a hand with that. I wanna' blow some shit up."

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