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   Chapter 44 No.44

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5181

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"Good a place as any to start looking for them, the travelers. Hopefully we can figure out where we're supposed to go, " Adams replied.

"Hopefully, otherwise, " Franklin derided.

He looked at Adams and made a face implying something, maybe defeat, or maybe it was hunger. O'Hara wasn't able to guess, and he had the feeling they were going to undertake some sort of rogue action.

"Otherwise what, " he asked.

"Otherwise we have to copy the intel and make our own judgment call, " Adams answered.

"You know, not once have I seen either one of you act surprised at all…ever…with anything that's taken place."

"Why would we be, " Franklin asked.

Stopping at the elevators, O'Hara stirred. "So, you have data on a few alien races, but nothing on Thewls or travelers?"

"That's correct, " Franklin replied dryly before stepping inside the car.

O'Hara stepped in next followed by Adams. "What else do you have information on?"

"We have historical data, but I assure you, none of it is germane to our current situation, " Adams replied.

"Mmhm. Okay, so…where did you two come from?"

"Oh. We're doing introductions now, " Adams said, sardonically.

"A little late for that I think, " Franklin said to Adams.

They smiled, looking at O'Hara, who was not amused. They rode down rapidly, and the movement tugged at their stomachs. Once the door slid open, they stepped out among Thewls, who nodded.

"Our headquarters are on Earth. We used one of our special ships to get to Eon, " Adams finally answered.

"What? Why, " O

n certain planets, which seemed to end in a system clear across the galaxy in the Scutum-Centaurus arm. Thewls claimed that a planet called Sahagun was the end of the travelers' journey, though they admitted it might have been the beginning of their journey. Either way, it was as good a planet as any to survey.

Adams and Franklin walked into the room seconds later. "We found something then?"

"Good job, all of you, " Yew said. "Yes, we have something."

"We're plotting a course for this place, right, " the captain asked.

"We have to clear it with our superiors, but that is the logical course of action, " Yew replied.

The three Humans exchanged glances. "I was unaware admirals reported to anyone, " O'Hara was in disbelief.

"We have a collection of leaders aboard the Carrier vessels. I am the leader of this one, " Yew replied. "Each Carrier has an admiral, but there is a governmental body, which ultimately decides things, which affect the entirety of our race. As you know…there are not many of us left."

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