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   Chapter 43 No.43

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"Yes, actually. They found that the stone reacts to light, but they haven't found anything specific yet, " Franklin replied.


"The ziggurat."

O'Hara got up and did his business. He saw the Thewl with whom he shared a room was still passed out in bed. In the latrine, he looked himself over by a mirror, shuddered at the memory of men screaming and fighting, donned his dress uniform, and finally went to the lab, where he met with Franklin and Thewlian scientists. They gathered in a smaller subdivision of the lab, an area not overly crowded with equipment and separated by a thin sheet of plastic.

"We found that it reacts to light energy. Something about the frequencies and how photons affect the material, " one Thewl said.

"Yes, but we haven't found a specific frequency which makes it do anything more than vibrate a little, " another added.

"I recovered this from one of the Lokian bugs, " Franklin said and held aloft a small, metallic chip.

It was little more than a shiny square with a round depression. On one side was a slit. Franklin placed his thumb over the depression. Blue light emanated from an edge. It mimicked a tiny, but powerful L.E.D. flashlight. He pointed it at the ziggurat. Nothing remarkable happened. He smiled and began handling the carving.

Everyone looked on while he rolled it one way and looked at it. Then, he rotated it and touched it. He pulled and pushed on it, prodded all over its surface, and clicked his tongue. He put it down, and furrowed his brow, shrugging as everyone looked at him askew. Surprisingly, the object's levels rotated of their own volition.

Franklin picked it up again and caref

lls, where lighting crept through all over the ship, they managed to darken the room, thus separating portions of the chart. O'Hara helped to finish dimming the room.

The brighter it was the more difficult it was to see the charts, and when it was totally black, all of the charts shone at once, but the proper degree of brightness masked only layers at a time, thus revealing different information. "Well, there you have it, " Adams beamed. He glanced at the captain and smiled briefly. "Light and energy…light energy. The travelers appear to have a proclivity for playing with photons…or something."

After that, the scientists broke to study each chart in the hopes of learning something, anything. It turned out that some of the charts contained known systems and listed planets of interest. Some of those planets were labeled rest stops, or way points, or worlds, which supposedly inhabited life. Other charts were so far removed from Thewlian data bases, they set them aside for further studies.

From the Carrier, the Humans hoofed it back to the Explorer. "Star charts, huh?" the captain whispered.

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