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   Chapter 42 No.42

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"Any news on the ziggurat?"

"Not yet. Soon, I hope. It may be our only chance…."

O'Hara nodded. "Guess we should get some rest then."

Chapter Eleven

In an effort to calm his nerves and drown his sorrows, Swain went to the weapons' lab, an entire deck of the Carrier. Thewls there were kind and patient, explaining everything he needed to know to perform repairs himself. An engineer showed him a hologram.

"It's a magnetic field containing photons, " the engineer started. "Essentially, it works like a windshield in which two panes of glass sandwich a thin sheet of plastic. In this case, two magnetic fields sandwich a sheet of photons. The fields arrange the photons in a particular way to prevent the passage of atoms."

"Here, let me show you how to retrofit your gear, " the armorer said as he nabbed some Human equipment.

Together, they replaced the battle damaged plating from Swain's suit with an Element-115 alloy. Oddly, the Thewl word for it sounded like a baby choking on a fur ball, so Swain jokingly called it Swainium, which to his surprise, they liked. Swainium plates were lighter, more durable, and slightly more flexible, which gave the big man an idea—fashion bullets from the material to refill the Human crew's magazines.

Since Thewlian guns were too wide to be carried by Humans, and creating smaller ones took a great amount of time, new ammunition was a simpler solution. After a thorough examination of Thewlian technology, Swain retired to his sleeping quarters.

The rest of the crew was already sleeping. They had been onboard for over nine h

s types, they sure can deal some damage, " DeReaux claimed.

"Really makes you wonder what more we'll come across. This is pretty serious stuff. We still have to find these travelers, and if we don't…. can you imagine having to fight off hordes of Lokians, " Day trailed off.

"They'd devastate Earth and the colonies, " Zakowski added. "That's for sure."

"Wonder how the cap' is holding up? You know how he gets, " Fitzpatrick said.

"He doesn't know how to let his feelings out… I thought he and Korit were going to fight back there, " DeReaux responded.

They took a pause, scrutinizing each other. They knew they were lucky to have lived through the mission; if experienced Thewls faced death against a couple of Lokians, even the best trained Humans stood little chance, but they had survived, in part to their training, in part to their comrades. Moments of silence passed. They finished their food during the interim.


Elsewhere on the vessel, Franklin awoke the captain. "What is it? Results, " O'Hara muttered into his comm. unit.

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