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   Chapter 41 No.41

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O'Hara arched his brows as he set his jaw; he had heard of the Grays. "The Grays were actually created by another race. They were genetically engineered to carry out certain tasks, " Franklin continued.

"From their technology, we were able to reverse engineer a few things, patent a few ideas, and finally, in 1963, we created The Bureau, " Adams said.

Every time one of them spoke, O'Hara gave his attention, but they kept interrupting each other. He hated how just one bit of intel was provided, and then, the other one gave the next bit; he was in no mood for their quirks, and demanded that just one of them give a complete answer.

"Of course, " Franklin feigned a smile.

"We made little contact with the race, which created the Grays, " Adams said.

"Apparently, they weren't interested in building relations. Then, other occurrences took place; the androids on the moon, the pyramids on Mars, and finally our knowledge of the Sumerian culture, " Franklin said.

"Right, the Sumerians clearly had contact with the travelers. It wasn't until Christianity took root that some of this knowledge was squelched, though I do believe much of it is available to the proper eyes, " Adams said then paused.

O'Hara's lips were crinkled in irritation. He was trying to soak it all in without exploding from the fact that they had not heeded his demand. On top of that, he was angry over the fact that such important knowledge wasn't made public, nor had it been provided to him at the onset of their mission.

"Why was this kept secret?"

"Actually, it wasn't, " Adams answered.

"No, there were some authors and entertainer

sk of learning how to manipulate energy.

"First, they used external devices to help; they fashioned special ships then suits, and later, they learned to manipulate energy without aid. Apparently, they no longer function like most, sentient life. They don't age or reproduce. They have become…something else."

"What?" O'Hara shrugged, involuntarily. "You said you know where they went. What does this story have to do with that?"

"The story ends with their exodus. The life they live now is different from the life they lived when they helped us, so many years ago. If they can manipulate energy, there is no telling where they are or what they are doing, " the ambassador replied.

"You did say there was a clue as to where they might have gone, " Franklin said with a condescending tone.

"There is a clue. We just need to know where one might travel once a full understanding of energy manipulation is acquired."

Adams and Franklin exchanged a glance and winced. The captain shook his head at their similarity in mannerisms before returning his attention to the ambassador.

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