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   Chapter 40 No.40

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5403

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O'Hara nodded. Some of the others—Thewls, mostly—sorted through the rubble and whatever few, intact buildings remained. Their inevitable conclusion was that the travelers had packed up and left. Either they simply moved to another area on the planet, or they left completely.

"Korit. Open a line to the ambassador, please, " O'Hara said.

He nodded and set his comm. for the correct channel. "Whenever you're ready, Captain."

"Tell him we've cleaned out the Lokians, that there isn't much here, and that I'm sorry we couldn't do more, but I…."

After the Thewl relayed the information, he gave the ambassador's reply. "He says he understands. This is the way things go when dealing with Lokians anyway. He's putting the admiral on now." Another moment of silence ensued between O'Hara and Korit. Others were talking about the items the agents had recovered. "Yew wants to know if anything at all turned up. I told him there might be something."

"Tell him we're returning, " Franklin said. "We need to reorganize, and we have these."

He held the items up. O'Hara agreed a return was the best option.

"Ain't leaving them here like this, Cap, " Martinez snipped.

He nodded, and they all worked together to recover whatever bodies were relatively intact; there wasn't much of Becker or some of the Thewls. A silent journey back through the tunnels ensued; an endless slog. When they reached their destination, they climbed out to raging winds and a flurry of snow. Multiple rovers idled as the drivers awaited the crew. Before anyone boarded a vehicle, they piled corpses into one. Finally, they started

ng for those questions, and without asking, they weren't going to reveal anything, which made him wonder who they really were, what they were doing there, and what connection they had to Lay. Sitting uncomfortably in a Thewlian chair, he observed his alien acquaintances eat.

Nearly all of them wore battle attire. The ones who didn't instead wore thick robes of varying colors. A Thewl caught his eyes, so he looked away.

Grumbling to himself, he waited impatiently for the agents to show. He had called them over ten minutes ago. With too much idle time, his concern shifted from tardy agents to guilt over deaths. Never again were those cherished lives going to grace the world with their smiles.

Finally, he saw the men in pinstriped suits wander in. "Let's start with those questions, Captain, " Adams began and took a seat.

No sooner had he opened his mouth to start that Franklin interjected, "To begin with, the Thewls are not our first contact race."

"Correct, we first made contact with a race simply known as the Grays in the 1940's, " Adams revealed.

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