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   Chapter 39 No.39

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5092

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"I, " she whispered.

The Lokian swiveled about and struck Imes in the gut. Sharp claws cut through his armor, spilling blood. He fell to his knees and faded. Becker was fading, too. Insurmountable pain accosted her body; she was torn apart. The whole of Phoenix Crew watched it happen in the blink of an eye.

Nandesrikahl barreled across the terrain, making for the wounded, but they had already died. "Nooo, " he screamed from hands and knees.

He clenched his teeth in rage, screaming and firing until his gun clanked. Either he was out of rounds or it overheated. Some Thewls had recovered, however, and provided cover. The snipers, having weaseled into a depression high up in the wall, gave their all to fight for survival. Finally, they carved away at the enemy.

"You have to take cover! Try to, " O'Hara warned before he was cut off in mid-sentence.

A hopper landed next to him and kicked him over. He fell to the ground with the wind knocked out of his lungs. Still, he aimed his rifle at the monster, let loose a couple of shots that bounced off its sturdy undercarriage, and then scrambled to stand.

A plasma burst nailed it from the side, busting off an arm, but it was far from dead. The beast rotated and placed a leg on the captain, keeping him pinned. Day screamed and fired at the Lokian, but it hopped straight into the air, touched the ceiling then propelled itself at a Thewl. Swain and Korit saw the alien flash by their vision. Together, they blasted it beyond recognition.

"Captain, " D

ns did come here. There must be something to it."

Adams added, "Either there's a clue around here, or the Lokians wanted to kill the travelers, and if they can do that then imagine what they can do to mankind."

"I…I'm not convinced, " O'Hara said, looking to the ground. He wasn't sure he believed his own statement, but he was confused, frightened, angry, and sad. "What if they're not here? What if there are no more travelers?"

"Listen, Captain, I may be out of line, Sir, but, " Swain mumbled, "we're already here. We agreed to do this, and Admiral Lay chose you to take over. We, I still believe…."

O'Hara scrutinized his compatriot; he was angry at the situation not the people around him. "This just isn't what I expected. We weren't trained for this."

"Tsh, how could we be? No one saw this comin', Sir, " Martinez replied after dusting himself off.

Fitzpatrick and DeReaux emerged from their post to join up with the surviving members. "Captain...we should wrap it up, " DeReaux advised.

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