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   Chapter 38 No.38

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5533

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"Piece of shit, " Fitzpatrick yelled as she crushed one with the butt of her rifle.

With no alternative, Adams made a run for safety. He scurried behind some debris, waited for the hopper to land, and when it did, he rolled beneath it to strike at its undercarriage. Red blasts broke through alien alloy, and the insect fell dead on top of him. He crawled free to see Zakowski in trouble; scouts swarmed him, erupting of their own accord.

"Raaagh! What the shits?" he screamed.

Marty and Nandy tried dragging him free to safety, but another Lokian crashed down beside them, swinging massive pincers all about. They were knocked away, skidding across ice. Franklin suddenly leapt from out of nowhere, mounted the creature, and ruptured its head with a well placed swing of his baton.

Time had gone slow for O'Hara. The havoc was compounding by the second. Men were screaming, bullets were flying, sprays of dust and ice bounced off his visor. Silvery hoppers were flashing all around. To his dismay, the men and women of his crew were firing, but falling and making little headway.

Then, he saw Day and Imes were posted with their backs to the wall, firing at anything that moved. The screams in his ears made it impossible to focus on anything, and just as he had aimed at Day's threat, yet another hopper kicked up scouts, thundering for Becker.

He needed a coordinated plan of attack, but his thoughts raced a mile a minute. The Lokian going for Day and Imes latched onto the crags above them. It started bearing down.

"Get down! Cover your heads, " he screamed.

Fortunately, Day made eye contact. O'Hara took off at a full run, crunc

ainst a building. Quickly coming to her feet, she aimed at the enemy.

"Get away, Thewl, we have this, " Zakowski shrieked and swung his hand.

He and Nandy held the remaining hoppers at bay; casings poured onto the ground as bullets ricocheted off metallic plating. Whether it was they or the snipers who killed the creature, one more Thewl was safe for the moment.

The captain howled. "They're moving towards Imes."

O'Hara bounded over a roof, trying to both flee a hopper and help his friend. Sadly, the snipers had abandoned their scout laden post for a higher ledge and were unable to heed O'Hara's order. By then, the hopper vaulted through the air, slammed into Imes, and sent him reeling to the ground.

He crashed over icy formations. Immediately, he tried to stand, but his leg was numb and tingly. After catching a glimpse from his peripheral, he turned. Becker was trying to reach out for him, but another hopper got away from Korit. The beast covered the distance in a single leap. With an imperceptible movement of its sharp pincer, the hopper snapped off her outstretched arm.

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