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   Chapter 37 No.37

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5776

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"Do we have enough, " Imes asked.

"Um, " O'Hara muttered. "Korit?"

"What exactly did you find?"

Franklin showed the captain both pieces. "Two, I don't know, they look like decorative statues to me."

"They're not decorative statues, Sir, " Nandy giggled.

"If anyone knows language, it's Nandy, " Marty said.

"Alright, " the captain huffed. "Everyone meet over here. Let's have a look and decide what to do.

The search parties gathered around the home from which Franklin pulled the objects. Then, items passed from hand to hand. The aliens argued over whether such things were sufficient for their goals. In the end, Korit decided to question his superiors, when Adams called everyone's attention.

Chapter Nine

Adams motioned for everyone to quiet down. Fitzpatrick took notice of his behavior and started climbing for a ledge. She spotted an insect crawling from a crag and immediately called out. Without wasting a second, DeReaux fired a shot, and the bug hit the ground with a smack.

Jun and Adams walked over to it. It looked like a small football, a brown, bulbous insect with no eyes or mouth, although they may have splattered to the wall. Four legs of steel composition still jittered amidst goo and exoskeleton. The agent surmised it was a scout.

When more crawlies sprouted from darkened recesses, O'Hara ordered the crew to take cover behind the buildings. Soldiers scattered for safety, when a guttural drone resounded. Following the nauseating belch was the sound of churning stone.

Eyes grew wide. A tunneler was coming. Alright, where are you, O'Hara wondered. No sooner had his light pointed overhead that a rock fell, bouncing off his helmet. Then, the very ground shook.


ck gasped. "What, what are those things?"

"Just keep firing, " DeReaux shouted.

Between the snipers, they had enough sense to fire at the hoppers every time they lashed out at their friends, but when the colossus grenades went off, covering everyone from head to toe in muck, a Lokian slammed into Sura's back. It gripped her thighs, anchoring itself squarely behind her. She yelled in pain for only a second; pincers took her head right off. A plasma burst obliterated the beast, only too late.

Day and Imes fired at scouts, when hoppers redirected their attention. They hurtled through the air, covering yards at a time. Adams clicked his tongue. He was close enough to reach the Lokian, and made a run for it, red batons blazing, when a second hopper landed before him, stopping him in his tracks.

"Aarrgh! Bastard, " he screamed. "I need help!"

The agent swung madly at his enemy. Fitzpatrick and DeReaux noticed his plight, and turned their scopes on the hopper. Though they fired round after round, scouts started swarming their post. They posed no real threat, so far as they knew, but the little crawlies made aiming impossible.

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