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   Chapter 36 No.36

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5299

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The convex panel in question was practically the full height of the building. Flem placed a hand on it, and the metal slowly sank into the ground, revealing stairs. It turned out the buildings were just rooves with access to a lower level. Becker raised an eyebrow.

"What happened?" she demanded.

"Vibratory energy is required to open the door, " Flem answered.

"Vibra-who?" Imes snipped.

"Biorhythms, " the alien said.

"Are we going in or what?" Becker snapped.

"Would you guys keep your cool?" O'Hara admonished. "Don't do anything stupid until we get there."

"Heh, heard that, " Marty snickered. "Wait for us to get stupid."

The aliens turned to one another before scrutinizing the Humans. Nothing more was said for a moment, but Becker was dancing on her toes, waiting to explore. Swain was no more composed than she, rubbing his hands together. Day smiled at him.

"I'm going in, " Franklin announced. "Everything out here looks fine anyway, so hurry it along."

O'Hara grumbled, but the agent was already inside, and Becker and Swain went in right behind him. Judging the austere abode, Franklin assumed the travelers were Human sized. He turned to see Flem exhibit difficulty entering.

"Not much here, " he said.

"Hey, " a Thewl grunted. By the time everyone exited the home, the rest of the group surrounded the structure. "What was down there?"

"Not a whole lot, " Becker replied.

"Let's check out another one, " Imes suggested.

"Those tunnelers made their way down here for a reason. They were looking for something, and those other Loki

The carving emitted a nearly indiscernible vibration. It felt alive.

"Hmm, " Franklin pondered.

"Found something, didn't you, " Adams asked.

Everyone asked what it was. The noise came over the channel like a cacophonous eatery. While he claimed he didn't know yet, Flem walked into the same home as Franklin. She decided to push a rug aside with her foot, revealing a depression cut away beneath. On the ground was a stone canister. More people had filed in by the time she turned it over. It was covered in pictures and symbols.

"Franklin, " she asked.

He and the others gathered around. "This is Sumerian, " Franklin exclaimed.

"Hand it over, please, " Nandesrikahl said. "No…not Sumerian…."

Adams gave Franklin a playful smack on the shoulder. His friend shrugged. Everyone else was staring at Nandy, who was completely consumed by the object. O'Hara asked him what he had.

"I really don't know, but it looks like Sumerian glyphs."

"You just said it wasn't, " Becker argued.

"It isn't, " he chuckled. "It looks Sumerian…."

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