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   Chapter 35 No.35

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5279

Updated: 2018-01-10 12:02

"I don't know. How bad is it?"

Martinez replied, "It's not that bad, just spider webbed."

"Okay, Captain, sounds like you're okay. If you're maintaining pressure, you can get back top side without a hitch."


While O'Hara's battle came to a head, the fourth team was treading much more slowly. They hadn't come across danger, but hearing the others fight rattled their nerves. Scanning the environment with gun lights, smooth, blue, frozen walls reflected mesmerizing beams.

"Captain, are you hurt, " Day asked.

"Uhh…broken, but not battered, " he said.

"I think you have it backwards, " Franklin laughed.

Ignoring him, he continued, "Having some difficulty moving, but I'll manage. I want everyone else to be careful, out."

Day took a deep breath. I don't want anyone else to get hurt, she thought. Becker swished by her to take point.

"Hey, " Day called, "slow down."

"We should get a move on, " Becker argued. "We know what these things can do."

Fretting nervously, Day fell back behind the rest. A second later, Franklin slowed. She got scared, and peeked over her shoulder, expecting a rear assault.

"You'll be fine, Miss Day, I think this hole is clean, " he said.

His words comforted her. She smiled at him, but wasn't able to see his face. His black suit had him completely covered from head to toe like a space ninja.

Hun-Tan and Un-It, two male Thewls, flanked Becker's rear, keeping aim above her shoulders. She maintained a fierce gaze, her whiskey mouth pulled tight over her teeth. Her jaw clenched nervously, but she wasn

Imes barked.

"Geez, keep your pants on."

"He's right, Zak, " Franklin said. "It's likely some have tunneled deeper or returned to the surface, but there might be some here."

"Where are you guys, " Day asked.

"Everyone, quiet, " Flem said.

Phoenix Crew grew impatient. Meandering about, caught in the mystique of misty, minute buildings—scintillating arrays of sparkling hues contrasted neatly with gray mounds—they glossed over their dreamlike surroundings. Ultimately, they congregated around one structure.

It lacked windows and only stood waist high. It was hard to imagine that the travelers were little people, but Ambassador Weh had not included how big they were in his rendition. Imes circled the building.

He found the door, or what he thought was a door; the panel lacked hinges. Day spotted Swain and Zakowski making their way over. She lifted her rifle above her head. Finally, every member of those two crews joined Imes and his search for an entry.

"How uh…how does it open, and why is the door so big, " he asked.

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