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   Chapter 34 No.34

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5441

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"These tunnelers use a mechanical mouth to grind the stone and ice as they expel acid to melt it. We'll have a devil of a time blasting through…."

"We have equipment. I'll go get it and return with a few men to help us. I need to tell them about Lom-Pu as it is, " Korit replied.

DeReaux placed a hand on the Thewl's forearm. "We all go. We're a crew."

They all nodded and made their way back.

Chapter Eight

Jun waited for a moment. Sparks slowly vanished in the darkness as the grinding sound grew fainter. The creature was inching away, eating new depths into the icy tunnel. After an initial moment of hesitation, Jun whispered.

"We need to strike one at a time. If we stay a few feet apart, I can kneel and fire until the Lokian turns and comes at me. Then, I'll run behind the rest of you, and the next in line can fire at the creature."

O'Hara nodded, saying, "If we take turns moving, we should be able to take it out without getting hurt."

Hurriedly, they spread out when Adams's voice erupted into their earpieces, talking about Lokians spewing acid to dissolve the rock.

"Oh, my goodness, " Nandesrikahl said.

"Holy fuckin' crap, " Marty heaved. "We gotta' watch for that shit."

"Copy, " O'Hara ground his teeth.

"Ready? I'll fire, " Jun said and took a shot.

The green-blue light emitted by his weapon flashed through the corridor. Small bits of ice and rock fell on the crew as the beast at the other end thrashed against constricted space. Running back turned out to be more difficult than the Thewl assumed, so he fired more rounds while back peddling. He stumbled, sliding on th

rate, blood pressure, and more, medical jargon. "Temperature dropping. Losing Oxygen. Recommend you return to a safe zone."

O'Hara fumbled with the oxygen hoses behind his helmet, looking for leaks, not that he was able to find them wearing gauntlets, but his crew pushed him to keep moving.

"My fucking suit, " he gasped. "Shit!"

"Please, Captain, try to remain calm. It'll take at least fifteen minutes to return to the ship, " Nandesrikahl said.

"We have to move quickly, " Sura added.


Swain's crew didn't have a chance to enjoy their view for long. The captain's fight echoed over their comms. seconds after their arrival, leaving them rattled. They exchanged looks of shock, but when Jun contacted the Explorer, Swain spoke.

"Captain, listen to me. It's Swain. Override your suit stability function, and set it to survival mode. It'll conserve Oxygen, regulate your temperature, and conserve power."

His information was sufficient to calm the captain. "Override code alpha six beta nine. Engage survival mode. Swain, what should I do about my visor?"

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