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   Chapter 33 No.33

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5608

Updated: 2018-01-10 12:02

Their lights revealed as much. "I'll take the rear, " Adams cackled. "This Lokian is turning around. Be prepared to shoot it in the mouth!"

He moved past the crew then stayed facing the opposite direction, peering into the darkness. Soon, a slithering, scurrying sound resounded. Korit remained steady, his cannon aimed into the darkness, when smooth, brown tentacles broke free from the shroud. The alien let loose a powerful burst from his cannon.

As the bolt of energy rushed forwards, it lit the tunnel, showing a glimpse of a monstrous, round mouth filled with concentric rows of razor sharp metal teeth. They spun in circular fashions, both clockwise and counter clockwise. The Lokian was more machine than creature, but the plasma burst exploded in a dazzling array upon striking the gaping maw.

Tentacles flailed in rage and ferocity coupled with a thunderous hiss. Lom-Pu dipped in front of Korit, both arms pointing twin guns at the writhing beast. She fired repeatedly, unleashing a strobe effect.

During the intermittent, light display, DeReaux took aim, firing into the mouth. Unexpectedly, the Lokian rocked its mass against the frozen walls. Ice fell, and the thing spewed a blast of acid, covering Lom-Pu.

She flailed back and hit the ground hard. The acid mixed with the ice underneath, resulting in a viscous surface, forcing the screaming Thewl to slide down the declining path, and towards the Lokian. Korit tried to grab hold of her, but the tunnel shook from the creature's heavy movement.

"Son of a bitch, " Fitzpatrick yelled. She and DeReaux fired past Korit, who was unable to keep his footing. Chunks of exoskeleton erupted from bullets.

battle. Between horrid, shrieking monsters and the bobbing weaves of Adams, the athletic, there was a lot to take in, but she exhaled, firing into the Lokians. Korit, finally able to take aim, blasted the last one in the chest, blowing it to bits. DeReaux and Fitzpatrick were left astonished, their fingers cemented to their weapons.

Adams shut off his batons and put them away. He dusted himself off like it had been no big deal. Korit picked up his light emitting device, shut it off, and motioned to move.

"Fitzpatrick, " DeReaux asked when they made it back to the partially dissolved Thewl.

She didn't reply, but shook her head in disbelief, returning wide eyes. They both walked over to Korit, who stood over his deceased partner.

"I'm sorry, Korit, " Fitzpatrick said, solemnly.

"We are all prepared for a final journey. It's a shame hers came to an end so abruptly."

They carefully made their way past remnants of the smoldering tunneler, but soon came to a dead end. Adams approached the wall blocking their path. He ran a gloved hand over the damaged rock then turned to address everyone.

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