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   Chapter 32 No.32

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5460

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A voice erupted into everyone's ear, "Lam-Yung, here, Junior Strategist…we spoke on the bridge. I located the best point of entry. You'll need to split up. I also located a few other points of entry, so you won't have to move clustered together. Be ready to disembark."

The ship pulled close to the first hole, hovered above it then fully opened its hatch, allowing the crew a safe drop. Four crews of five men and women, Thewl, and Human, were arranged by Korit. He mentioned it was only twenty feet straight down before the angle of descent stabilized.

Apparently, twenty feet wasn't much for a Thewl, but it was a big drop for a Human, so the crew tied off to some hydraulic beams and repelled using jump cord. The procedure was repeated at the other three holes, where Adams and Franklin, who had joined another mixed team, simply leapt, no cord or anything.

As soon as O'Hara hit the ground, he cut his cord and inspected his team. Nandesrikahl, Martinez, and two Thewls, a man, Jun, and a woman, Sura, made up their squad of five. Immediately, they flicked on their gun lights and hurriedly made their way down the icy tunnel.

Jun made some gurgling sounds then more were heard coming through their comm. units. "This trip should only take about ten minutes then we'll be coming up behind whatever's making this tunnel."

"A Lokian, " Sura remarked.

"What? A fuckin' drill bug, " Marty clamored. "Hey, if we take it out, how do we keep goin'? I mean, this thing is tunnelin' towards somethin', ya' heard?"

"Good question, " O'Hara replied. "What do we do after we kill it?"

"We have our own tunneling instrume

hills, but smoothed. Oddly, there was light emanating from an undetected source. Either the light itself was soft blue, or it was the reflection from the ice, which had taken over a great portion of everything visible.

"Where are the Lokians, " Zakowski whispered.

"Something feels wrong, " Imes replied.

Before they came to grips with the heart of the statement, a commotion came in through their earpieces.


Adams led a team through another tunnel. He moved at a tremendous rate without even a light. Within minutes he was lost to his team. Fitzpatrick took the rear, grumbling about his idiocy, and DeReaux, who was in front of her, asked her to keep quiet. The new leader, since Adam's departure, was Korit. Behind him was his partner, Lom-Pu, who carried two sidearms.

"Where the fuck did he run off to?" Fitzpatrick whispered.

"Don't know. I hope he knows what he's doing, " DeReaux replied, softly.

"Your friend seems rather foolish, " Korit commented. Lom-Pu noticed movement, and whispered in Thewlish. "Its Adams on his way back, " "Korit translated.

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