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   Chapter 31 No.31

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5822

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"Before you suit up, what you need to know is the Lokians are almost never the same. What I mean is, they constantly evolve and switch tactics. They have a super dense exoskeleton, but our energy based weaponry usually cuts through. Also, they aren't affected by the environment, meaning they don't require air or pressure. Somehow, they regulate it all internally via artificial organs. They are devastating and fascinating."

O'Hara nodded and turned to his crew, saying, "Suit up, gang."


Thewls wasted no time releasing from the Carrier. Dozens of fighters—angular ships with stubby wings mounted to cylindrical tubes, which revolved around the vessel—flew off into space to set up defenses in the event of a Lokian, space strike. Additional fighters accompanied the Explorer to Marduk for backup.

There, ships pierced the delicate remnants of an atmosphere. Marduk was a dark, desolate place covered in ice. Hard winds thick with sleet and snow blew furiously. Several holes in the surface were visible to the Explorer's navigator.


Meanwhile, the Human crew and Thewlian strike force suited up. Adams and Franklin decided to join the fray. While the spec ops team wore their issued, battle attire, the two agents wore something totally different. Adams and Franklin were decked out in skintight neoprene. Their black suits were strapped with belts and harnesses. O'Hara didn't see any firearms.

"What the Hell is that?" he jeered.

"Our gear, Captain, " they replied in unison.

"Listen, I can't be babysitting you two. You should stay behind, " O'Hara snipped.

"Not a chance, Captain, " Franklin retorted.

"We can handle ourselves. This isn't our first ro-de-oh, " Adams added with an eerie laugh.



Others carried rifles similar in design to the sidearms. A safe assumption was that they boasted greater accuracy, fired more rapidly, or fired for a longer duration before needing to exchange a canister.

"Some of us use sound emitting guns called bostas, " Korit added. "They look like metal boxes with handles and rods sticking out of the front. The rods conduct electricity like a bolt of lightning and project something like thunder. A wire mesh binds the rods and keeps the sound from backfiring, but they're mainly close range weapons. No sense bringing them along."

As the largest of the Thewls, Korit carried the largest of the weapons.

"What the fuck are you carryin', " Martinez asked.

"Miniaturized version of the plasma cannons on ships."

"God damn…."

The thing was shiny black and roughly the size of an old, helicopter mounted, fifty cal. Korit handed it to Marty, who was shocked by its weight. It was surprisingly light, a result of the Element-115, alloy structure. On top of that, it was connected via some corrugated tubes to a pack on the alien's back, which contained gas, bypassing a need for bulky canisters.

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