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   Chapter 30 No.30

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5348

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Neither agent said a word. They just stared blankly. O'Hara leaned in and raised his eyebrows expectantly while Swain wrung his hands.

"What man?" Martinez yelled.

"They don't exist anymore, " Adams smiled.

Everyone was quiet. Ambassador Weh grew concerned, denoted by the pallor draining from his visage. He was nearly gray.

"What do you two know about the travelers, " he asked.

"Not much, I'm afraid" Franklin answered.

"This planet, it's actually called Marduk, and it does come by Earth every thirty six hundred years, " Adams continued.

"The last time it came by, we waited for our friends. They never came, though. Until recently, we didn't have the ability to attempt communication, " Franklin said.

"Well, that's not entirely accurate, " Adams corrected. "We made an attempt to communicate about fifty years ago and found nothing."

"I didn't mean we personally, " Franklin condescended. Adams gave him a look insinuating it was a useless addition. "Right, there was some, static, energy frequency—a lingering residue of energy—if you will, " Franklin explained.

"Yes, something one might expect to find following an exodus. We tried to pick up the trail, but it vanishes two thousand miles outside the planet's atmosphere. We're really baffled at this point, " Adams finished

"Ambassador…speaking of energy trails. I'm picking up heat signatures, " a female Thewl stated.

"What do we have, " O'Hara asked.

"Not sure. Looks like they're about two hours old and dissipating. About a hundred, Sir, " the Thewl replied.

"Are they inbound or outbound, " Admi

t the agents, too, but they had poker faces.

"Of course, Sir. It's our duty, " the captain replied. "Anything we need to know before we join the strike force?"

"Korit will be the party leader. He'll provide any information once you all return to the Explorer, " Admiral Yew replied.

The Human crew saluted the alien admiral. Out of respect, he reciprocated the gesture. Then, they followed Ambassador Weh out of the bridge, and filed into the elevators, where looks of concern were partially masked by excitement.

Arriving on the Explorer's quarters deck, the Human crew met the Thewlian strike force. The largest Thewl any of them had seen yet stepped forwards.

"Captain, " he asked.

"Yes. I'm O'Hara."

"I am called Korit, " the Thewl spoke with a deep, guttural voice.

"Good. What do we need to know?"

Before answering, Korit turned and walked away. He motioned for the captain to follow with an all too Human gesture; he half turned and moved his head. The Human crew quickly jogged behind. Korit then came to a halt in front of a room.

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