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   Chapter 29 No.29

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5994

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Several conspiracies of the past insinuated that the planet came close enough to Earth for a species of aliens to venture forth by conventional means, thus advancing the Earthlings by providing information, technology, or in some cases, actually taking Humans back to Nibiru. Both the admiral and the ambassador believed it was in fact the perfect place to begin searching for the travelers.

Everyone had gathered on the Carrier's bridge. The room was enormous. While the Humans marveled at its structure, Thewlian leaders conversed. Nandesrikahl tried to listen as he enjoyed hearing a new language, but the other Humans, with the exception of the agents, ambled about the brightly lit room. Most of the ground was covered in sea foam, green carpeting, complementing the silvery walls and information consoles. There were over fifty Thewls pouring over computers, screens, and other, strange devices.

Fitzpatrick elbowed the captain and pointed with her face. "The admiral?"

"You can always spot superiors, huh, " O'Hara whispered back.

Admiral Yew was a distinguished Thewl, not as large as some of the others, but stocky. His battle attire was a red and black armored suit comprised of flexible plating. Chrome filigree graced the collar and chest. After his conversation, Yew approached a spherical console and mashed a few keys with his massive fingers.

Having engaged the coalescence systems, the Carrier emitted a frequency, forcing two wavelengths of reality together, resulting in a space-time bend. Apart from the coalescence drive, Carriers also boasted a unique, energy rendering visual apparatus used to calculate and navigate proper coordinates as well as time matrices pertinent to coalescence. Energy signatures were mathematically calculated then coordinates were de

umbass, " Becker snapped. "He means a government crony."

Swain and Imes shrugged to each other. O'Hara cocked an eyebrow, and as he thought about his friend's proposition, he slowly turned his gaze to the agents. Adams and Franklin made brief eye contact. These guys know something. Neither one of them had said two words since they boarded the Carrier.

"There are reasons, " Adams said, cryptically.

"Protocol, " Franklin added with a nod. "The Bureau has known a few things for certain for a long time, but, gentlemen, you must understand…."

Some Thewls looked the agents over. They whispered in hushed, gurgling tones.

Adams made a gesture of acquiescence. "There is so much more to the universe, and all of it threatens Earth."

"We can tell them now, " Franklin remarked. Adams didn't mind, but both Humans and Thewls were curious and huddled around. "In all likelihood, a race of intelligent beings did arrive on Earth during the time of the Sumerians."

Adams immediately picked up where Franklin left off, saying, "They may have made contact before and after that period. Whoever these people were..." Adams paused, leading the crew believe Franklin was speaking next.

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