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   Chapter 28 No.28

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The Thewls didn't mind at all. It was difficult for the Humans to get a sense of how the aliens felt, since they didn't smile, or blink, or sigh, or anything, but their colors kept changing. Eventually, Nandesrikahl found his way to them, and they resumed recounting.

"As I was telling your friend, " the Thewl started. "The Yvlekesh, for example, have different cultures because they have many colonies, wherein many people are separated from the main population on their home world."

"Like us, " Nandesrikahl smiled.

"In our case, we lost cultural differences after we united to fight the Lokian threat. Before then, we did have different subcultures, " Isf-Ero explained as his complexion lost some color.

"I see. That's not unlike our colonial men and women behaving slightly different than our Earth counterparts, " Nandesrikahl added. "Colloquialisms, and what not…."

They passed the hours with lively conversations regarding everything from dancing to art and languages. Imes and Martinez never had the opportunity to talk rifles or sidearms, but had a blast anyway.


Becker had wandered away from Nandesrikahl after Imes called him. She didn't feel like expending the energy required to make what she thought were fake, new friends. After walking around on her own for a bit, just looking at the aliens, the lights, the strange panels with incomprehensible glyphs along the walls, she grew tired, and retired to her room, which she shared with a bridge officer. She was glad her Thewl roommate wasn't around.

"Who cares about any of this? There's crazy, bug aliens need an ass whippin'; that's what I'm about…."


Day and the captain joined the ambassador on the bridge, where she had fun learning how to pilo

y, either one Thewl flew one ship and manned everything on his own or two Thewls manned a slightly larger Type A, in which one man piloted, and one man worked guns. Type B ships were twice the size of As, and required a crew of six; one pilot, four gunmen, and one man to reload. Those vessels had four guns and a small, Helium-4 cannon. The cannon was fired by the pilot, but required a second man to reload.

Explorers occasionally doubled as drop ships as well. Their ability to fly into a planet side war zone, pop off some rounds, drop off a platoon, and fly to safety was quite effective. Otherwise, they were used in the traditional way of supply drops, reconnaissance, and survey missions.

Chapter Seven

The Explorer finalized the docking procedure after which Ambassador Weh made contact with Admiral Yew, who was in charge of the Carrier. The ambassador sought collaboration with the Thewlian leader before finalizing travel plans to the Sol system. Many more references to that elusive planet had been found in the Human, history archives. Most recently, it had popped up at the start of the 21st century during which it was referred to as Nibiru.

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