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The gas was highly compactable, and very little was required to emit a high frequency energy burst, or plasma charge, allowing the ship to carry huge quantities in little space. One drawback to the plasma cannons was the delay involved in firing. Because each cannon used a canister of H-4, there was no simple way to eject and replace each one. The canisters were removed by hand and stored in chambers within the turrets. Each turret only held six, at which point they had to be retracted.

While the weapon's destructive abilities were prominent, DeReaux and Fitzpatrick were unimpressed with the design, it was a hindrance in battle, but Thewls stated it was a supply vessel. The Explorer was never intended for extended, combat situations; it was designed to blow something to smithereens as quickly as possible, and then flee to safety.


Zakowski meandered about the ship, enduring stares from statuesque aliens. After ten or so minutes of walking around, he finally asked someone for directions to sickbay. A Thewl woman introduced herself as Il-Ahner and personally escorted him. They went up two floors by way of auxiliary stairs then crossed a corridor shining with a soft, blue radiance. The woman motioned with a long fingered hand for Zakowski to proceed beyond a threshold.

"Oh, thank you. I would've wandered for hours, " he said and laughed uncomfortably.

There was no door blocking the entrance to the recovery room, so he strolled right on in. Many beds were empty, but two Thewls were receiving treatment for injuries. Zakowski observed the standa

o Thewls nodded in conjunction.

"You guys been on any missions lately, " Martinez asked.

"Not recently, well not one that required leaving the ship. This last mission was to make contact with your people on Eon. Before that, I was just doing exploration work, " Un-It said.

"I was working on the colony we established, but my knowledge of other races and cultures seemed pertinent, so I volunteered for this mission, " Isf-Ero added.

"That's really something, " Imes smiled. "I can't imagine knowing about different races. We have so many cultural differences back on Earth. Being colony raised, I've never even had the chance to see those differences…do most races have different cultures within their regions?"

"As a matter of fact, many of them do, " Isf-Ero replied.

"One sec, " Imes said with a frown. He turned to his comm. and added, "hey, Nandy, get your butt down to mess hall. There's a guy here specializes in alien cultures."

"Be there shortly, " Nandesrikahl replied.

"Mind waitin' for our friend, " Martinez asked.

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