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   Chapter 25 No.25

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5224

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"A story says that once, there was a large planet, which collided with another planet. One planet was destroyed, and it became the asteroid belt of our system, the Kuiper belt. The remaining piece of the badly damaged but surviving planet became Earth. Men came to Earth from yet another planet, an immense planet, far away, with a strange, elliptical orbit around the sun. If this planet is real, it may be the home of the travelers."

The Bureau agents glanced at him. O'Hara thought he saw them smile, but they both hid their faces with a hand gesture. Weh, however, was pleased; he patted Nandesrikahl gently.

"How is it that your astronomers have left this planet out of history, yet the first civilization was familiar with its existence, " a greenish hue grew over his face.

"I still don't understand, " O'Hara was ruffled. He looked from Swain, who was just as confused, to Nandy, who grinned like a buffoon.

"We shall go looking for this planet. I invite you to join us, " the ambassador said.

Swain nearly burst as he grabbed the captain's shoulder.

"Someone needs to explain what's going on. Ambassador, are you saying there's another planet in Sol system, " O'Hara asked

"I think your man, here, has already said as much, " Weh replied.

"Okay, but if we go looking for it, the Phoenix would take over ten years to travel that far."

"You may gather your crew and board our ship if you must."

O'Hara already knew he had to go with them, but his mind raced. He tried to focus on the steps required to undertake such an adventure.

d the captain, who was cleaning his gear.

"Sir, if I may?" he began. O'Hara looked up from his work and gave a half nod as he returned to wiping sections of his rifle. "I don't trust these two blokes. I mean, who are they and what are they doing here?"

O'Hara took a deep breath and replied, "I don't like it, either, but Admiral Lay didn't give me an option. They're here to do whatever they do. So long as they don't get in my way, or cause problems, it should be fine…but look at them, doesn't it seem they know about aliens? What was it Franklin had said? Extraterrestrial matters were his concern?"

"Most intriguing…right, well, anyway, I suppose they're just cubicle jockeys, eh?"

O'Hara chuckled and shook his head, amused. Then, both he and Nandesrikahl heard a ruckus. Becker and Imes were arguing, which was nothing new. From the snippets they gleaned, Imes had started exercising in front of her again, something he often did to try and elicit a romantic liaison, and instead of taking it in good fun, Becker exploded.

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