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   Chapter 24 No.24

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5474

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"I'm sorry, what bureau are you two from again?"

Adams and Franklin exchanged looks. "The Bureau, " Franklin replied.

They even sound the same, O'Hara thought. "I'm taking Swain and Nandesrikahl. Fitzpatrick and DeReaux will post outside."

Minutes later, the AMS came on, stating they reached the programmed coordinates. The group of seven went out to meet the Thewls. Seeing the new faces, the four, spec ops members looked at each other. O'Hara knew they were wondering about Adams and Franklin. He gave them a shrug of resignation, so they assumed information was on a need to know basis.

Fitzpatrick and DeReaux posted up on a different hill than before. Their vantage point was less appealing, but it wasn't wise to set up in the same place twice, even if it was under friendly conditions. Thewl ships pierced Eon's hazy veil, silvery, soundless, vessels landed, blowing a puff of dust into the air. Once the loading platform released, a rover pulled out while other Thewls set up chairs and tables. Something intriguing caught DeReaux's eye.

"Joi de vivre, they brought women, " he nudged Fitzpatrick.

She smiled and nodded. "Maybe...Thewl men have tits, and the women are the ones we've been dealing with."

With a slight frown, he shot her a dirty look. At that time, Adams and Franklin sat down on chairs placed in front of the ambassador. The captain remained standing directly behind them, practically holding his breath.

"I'm glad to see you again, ambassador. These two men are the admiral's associates, Adams and Franklin, " he said, carefully.

"Yes, " Adams agreed. "We understand that you require cer


He said it was my mission now, the admiral. O'Hara looked off into the distance, where a rocky hill hid a patch of golden-green trees. The swaying foliage was visible beside the hill's crest, and pressed against the hazy, purple sky, it brought to life a feeling of nostalgia. When Swain asked about the new men again, O'Hara watched the female Thewl's work on the computer. She was cross referencing black hole theory with ancient scrolls and artwork.

She looked up and said something to the ambassador then went back to cross referencing beings of light with the Sol system. Her gurgled speech animated her superior, who nodded before addressing the captain.

"We may be in luck. It seems there is another planet. Somehow, your scientists overlooked it."

O'Hara looked confused. "What, what do you mean? What other planet?"

Nandesrikahl's face lit up, and he answered, "I know the planet. Yes. It all makes sense. The Sumerians believed that there were other planets we don't include when teaching the Sol system. They've written that men came from one of these planets.

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