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   Chapter 23 No.23

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5250

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"Well…might as well get a move on, " he sighed.

O'Hara quickly donned his uniform. He was meeting the admiral again and had to be at his best. Clothed, ready, and awaiting confirmation from Admiral Lay, he noticed it was a few minutes past 05:00, and he was getting a little nervous.

Do I have time? I have time, he thought on his way to the men's latrine. He opened the stall and sat down. There, he attempted a mental review of yesterday's meet and greet. I do want to help, but at what cost? They want to go to Earth to study something practically incomprehensible. Maybe we can request the data and have it relayed to Presh instead. That should circumvent any commotion these Thewls would certainly cause if they landed on Earth.

"Captain, this is Admiral Lay. Do you copy, " Admiral Lay called through the earpiece.

"Copy, Admiral. I'm on my way."

His voice reverberated throughout the steel room. The captain finished up, washed his hands, and proceeded to the loading zone, where he was received by the admiral and two men he didn't recognize. The mystery men wore pinstriped suits and bore no facial expression.

"Riley, " as the admiral began, O'Hara winced and wondered why he referred to him by his first name. The admiral wasn't usually so friendly. "There's much to discuss. These are, Franklin and Adams."

The admiral took a breath and gave the captain a stern look. The four then proceeded towards a small, drab, green building.

"These two gentlemen are from The Bureau, " Lay said it as if it meant something. "They made

vation, which they didn't mind, he noted something else strange; their eyes were in a state of repose; they were both totally unruffled by everything.

The captain had seen gray and blue eyes before, but the calculating, almost all-knowing, confidence the men possessed culminated in their stare. Finally, they slightly gestured with opposing hands, inviting the captain. O'Hara nodded, and they made their way back aboard the Phoenix.

It was a quick return trip to the meet and greet with the ambassador. Adams and Franklin didn't say a word for the whole ride. They simply sat, staring at the wall on the bridge, not even the screen, which displayed all kinds of terrain over which they zipped. The rest of the crew eyed the duo curiously.

Suddenly, Adams said, "My associate and I think it best to keep this meeting a small one. Perhaps, you're willing to have the two of us accompany you and no one else."

Furrowing his brow, he scrutinized them yet again. He felt a little uneasy. They were too calm for whatever was taking place.

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