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   Chapter 22 No.22

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5327

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"Does coelacanth not still exist on your Earth, or the lungfish? It is a strange concept for you, I'm certain, but the truth is more likely that the travelers found your planet and cleansed it of the great beasts, the dinosaurs. Perhaps, they even settled it for a time, and when they felt it necessary, they created your modern man and played with its genetic makeup until they reached a desired result.

"Did you know that some of your religions coincide with this theory, and so does your oldest civilization. Your ancient, Sumerian canisters almost prove it. They even spoke of men clad in light, who traveled the skies."

The ambassador's color brightened before returning to its neutral pallor. The captain was simply breathless. Ambassador Weh continued after the dramatic pause.

"The data your scientists provided and the methods they used to communicate convinced us that a trip to Earth may reveal where our travelers have gone. We will do our best to help all of your people. We will help you colonize, we will help you travel through space, we will help to defend you from the Lokians should they target you, and I sincerely believe they will.

"I am here to provide a story and an explanation. I, on behalf of my people, would like the permission of your people, but you have to understand, should I fail to acquire that permission, we will still visit your colonies and go to Earth to find what we need. Our continued existence requires this extreme measure.

"Please, help us and benefit. Allow us to be your benefactors. Allow us to show you from where you came." With th

s up caught in the middle of something bigger than himself?"

"Like when he got promoted and took over Phoenix Crew?"

"And then found alien beacons, " Swain added.

"And just like that, bam! We got aliens landin' on our, I mean, on this planet, " Martinez cheered. "You right, you right. Lay's gonna' want us in the thick of this shit."

The two men sat in the small room and tossed ideas back and forth. Each, imaginary scenario became wilder than the last. By the end, they laughed their brains out and decided to call it a night.

Chapter Six

The spec ops team was sound asleep in crew quarters while the ship hauled their butts ten thousand miles to the colony. Day and a skeleton crew of deckhands remained awake. They milled about the bridge while she sat at the helm, rubbing her eyes.


O'Hara awoke with a deep inhalation. His comm. unit had dinged, demanding all of his attention. He rolled out of his bed and placed his feet on the cold ground, flashes of Thewls playing behind his eyes. The comm. on the nightstand read 04:37.

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