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   Chapter 21 No.21

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5634

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"Again, that is correct, " the ambassador responded.

"I don't think I understand…what could these people do for you now? If your sun is destroyed then there is no hope for your world, is there? Also...I fail to understand how you were helped by a race of people, who then stayed with you for a while, and not know who they are or from where they came, " O'Hara argued.

He was certain his logic wasn't failing him, and though he intended no offense, he needed to know exactly what was at stake. He thought for sure Weh was omitting something of importance.

"Yes, " the ambassador said after a moment's pause. "It is difficult to explain. You see, according to our records, the people who helped us never spoke. They simply appeared, fought, and then taught us, showed us new technology. They never used words. They were able to communicate directly into our minds.

"They had no names for themselves, or us, or what they showed us. They had no words for where they came from or where they went. Everything was just concepts, whole blocks of knowledge and ideas, and then, they simply vanished."

O'Hara was shocked to hear about silent and direct knowledge. "I see, not sure I understand, but I'm on board. My other said you travel space and time, what does that mean?"

"Ah, " the ambassador paused again before responding, "Yes, your people call it String Theory or Quantum Loop, and before you say more, they are the same concepts, but viewed from different angles."

"Wait, what?"

The ambassador's face grew lighter, almost pink when he said, "Take something like a rubber band and hold it out before you while it is held in its round shape. No matter

are the only anomaly.

"There have been many variations of your kind over the past six million years. There was a time when your planet did not harbor intelligent life at all. Your planet was crawling with large beasts you call dinosaurs. Suddenly, those great beasts vanished, time passed, and then there were primitive apes. Just as suddenly, those primitive apes exhibited non-primitive, behavioral patterns. Then, they learned cognitive thinking.

"At one point, your Neanderthal man overlapped your modern man. Modern man was more intelligent, he was able to trap, he was able to invent. He out performed Neanderthal, who was relegated to obscurity.

"There are signs that some species of men cross bred, giving birth to modern men, yet this is not evolution…perhaps adaptation. Your planet still has apes, and they never cross breed with similar species, nor do they give birth to more advanced versions. There is no deformity, no genetic mutation responsible for making that single member of a species more efficient, and there certainly is no genetic mutation responsible for creating an entirely new species.

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