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   Chapter 20 No.20

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5772

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O'Hara didn't note any facial expressions. Thewls conveyed emotions differently, it was something in their faces, a chemical reaction, he thought, that made their color change, and darker seemed to connote darker emotions, sadness, anger, perhaps.

"So, the Lokians are on your planet now?"

"No, no, if you'll allow me to give you the history, it will all become clear, " the ambassador said.

"I apologize, Ambassador, this is all so overwhelming."

"Certainly, but we would like to enlist the help of your people, and so it is only proper to explain the situation, " he calmly continued. "We were staring extinction in the face. Everything seemed lost. One night, another volley of ships penetrated our skies.

"These ships were radically different than those of the Lokians. These vessels weren't alive, yet danced across the horizon. Some of them landed, others fired energy based weaponry at our enemies. Then, strange men clad in suits of light demolished our opposition.

"It took less than a day to turn the tide. Our benefactors were impressive. In a week, the Lokians were banished to space, and once the threat ended, our saviors left as mysteriously as they had appeared, yet a few stayed behind. Twelve of them remained and helped us advance our civilization beyond our dreams. They stayed until we were able to stand on our own again, and then, they, too, left.

"Since then, we've encountered the Lokians again. On occasion, we fight a small fleet in the expanse of space. Once, we followed them to a small colony and helped another space faring race secure victory. This brings us to the present state of affairs.

"As I have said, the Lokians harvest technology. They amassed around our sun over tw

p you with our skills and knowledge and ask only that you help us in return, " the ambassador then grew silent.

The chilly winds of Eon cut through the captain and his crew. The Thewls seemed fine, though. The moronic thought that their bodies were better insulated than Human bodies made O'Hara angry; he wanted to think about what the ambassador had just said and not biology. After a minor struggle, he brought his thoughts to order.

"So, if I understand this correctly, you've been drifting through space because the Lokians destroyed your home world."


"But the Lokians didn't take control of your world; you said they aren't there now."

"You are right."

"Then, where are the Lokians?"

"They could be anywhere at this point. All we know is that they have no home base of operations. They likely landed on our world, took the resources and technology then moved on. They either attacked the Yvlekesh before us or shortly after, " the ambassador explained.

"So, now you've colonized a small moon and are in search of the people who helped you during that second invasion, " the captain asked in a leading fashion.

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