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   Chapter 18 No.18

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5636

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The strangest thing was the way everything had an orange hue with red or brown specks throughout. Swain said it was because the area was rich in Iron and Sulfur. No one really cared, but it eased the tension. Finally, Fitzpatrick and DeReaux set up on the highest hill, roughly two hundred yards from the rest of the crew. DeReaux had his rifle drawn and Fitzpatrick scanned the area with her binos.

"You copy, Captain?" her voice came in through O'Hara's earpiece.

"Copy, Fitzpatrick. Be ready for anything."

She set up her rifle, too.


While the captain's ground crew readied themselves, Day sat in her chair on the bridge. Since she wasn't specially trained for ground combat, she provided air support, albeit grounded, air support. Roberts snuck up next to her, causing her to jump in her seat. She laughed it off.

"You alright, Day?"

"Fine, why?"

"I can't help but notice our cameras are off…."

Day scanned the bridge. The service members hadn't seemed to notice the discrepancy. They were still talking about their previous night.

"Uh…Swain said something about shutting them off for a while, so I just followed orders, " Day answered.

"Uh-huh, " Roberts was skeptical, but Day fired a surreptitious look. "Yes, Ma'am."


"Alright, people, " O'Hara started. "DeReaux and Fitzpatrick have us covered from the hill, and the air strike team is a couple clicks away; they'll be circling shortly. We shouldn't have any trouble, but keep your eyes peeled."

A voice suddenly erupted through his earpiece. "Captain O'Hara? This is Captain Daly, do you copy?"

"Copy, Daly. This is O'Hara."

"I'm leading the strike team. We have visual cont

gs was the extra joint; they were more akin to cat legs or frog legs with, long stocky toes, and the heel of the foot extended at an angle towards the calf.

After exiting, the Thewl extended a massive hand to help out more from the vehicle. Five in total gathered around the rover, looking towards the Humans and their vessel. That's when O'Hara noticed another, bizarre difference; their skin.

At a distance, Thewls looked to be red, or mish-mashed shades of red. Fitzpatrick had a better look through her binos, though; she saw their skin was actually translucent, like jellyfish men. It was their structure beneath the skin that was all shades of red, pink, purple, and orange, and she saw their faces quite clearly.

Their heads were similar to Human heads except they swelled out behind the face. They didn't have eyelids, either; the eyes were completely covered by the thick membrane, which presumably covered their whole bodies, allowing slits for nostrils, and one for the mouth. Other than their hands and heads, they were all clad in black, armor plated suits, and were all very tall, perhaps eight feet.

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