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   Chapter 17 No.17

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"Agreed, " Nandesrikahl added.

Swain scanned everyone's face. Most of the crew appeared hesitant. Imes cocked his head back a little and spoke up.

"I think we shouldn't try to expect anything. If we go into this meeting expecting the worst, we might make some misjudgments."

Becker sighed. "He's right. We have a defense unit set up and have all day to check the reports. There are reports, right?"

The captain shrugged.

"There's always a debriefing report. This is the most important mission I've ever heard of. Admiral Lay wouldn't send us in blind, " Zakowski commented.

The crew nodded accordingly. "Alright, then, " O'Hara heaved. "I'll check my office for the debriefing and send everyone a copy. Remember, no one else onboard can know what we're doing."

O'Hara's team saluted and left for the quarters deck, except for Day, who returned to the helm. At the bridge, she had Roberts plot a course via the AMS to land ten thousand miles southwest of Eon's colony. They arrived at their destination by 14:00 hours, allowing the entire crew extra hours of R and R off the ship.

That relaxation allowed the crew enough stimuli to keep any questions regarding new orders subdued. While the Phoenix's crew camped out in the open expanse of a rocky terrain speckled with bluish trees resembling palms, O'Hara and his team met in the deserted, mess hall. Zakowski rounded up plates. They ate as the captain glossed over details.

"Okay, for starters, reports show Thewls are coming in with a small craft. It says small, but it's about the size of the Phoenix, " the

he report for anything that can pose a structural weakness. Their defenses aren't listed in the report, but it does say they have some minor weaponry aboard their shuttle. See what you can find."

Worried glances went around the room. Their food sat half eaten on the plates before them. O'Hara ground his teeth.

"Get a move on, guys, " he ordered.


As the night wound down, the remaining deckhands returned to the ship. Orders were broadcasted to get a few hours rest and be ready the following morning. The spec ops team also tried their best to get some sleep before the big meeting. Some of them only tossed and turned as the stress of the unknown plagued their minds.


At 05:00 hours O'Hara's crew woke, geared up, and congregated outside. It was a cold and windy morning on Eon, but the twin orbs of orange light cast a glimmer of hope. They chatted about their surroundings; rocky hills, very little plant life, apart from the blue palms and some reddish shrubs. No one saw a bird, or bug, or lizard, or whatever Eon had.

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