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   Chapter 16 No.16

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5364

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That was big news. Not only had Eon made first contact with an unknown race, there was a second, unknown race out there also capable of space travel, and bearing destructive powers. The Presh scientists were told the other beings were radically different in their genetic makeup. They were also hostile. News traveled quickly, and Admiral Lay set up a briefing with Phoenix Crew. A top-secret mission was underway. Eon colony was not to be informed.


The AMS came on general broadcast, calling, "O'Hara, Day, Martinez, Swain, Imes, Becker, Nandesrikahl, Zakowski, DeReaux, Fitzpatrick. Admiral Lay is ready to receive you in conference room B."

After hearing the summons, the crew proceeded from the mess hall, or crew quarters, or from whatever post they occupied. One-by-one, they filtered into room B. Admiral Lay was sitting next to the lectern, his legs crossed. Once the crew lined up at attention, the admiral stood. The crew saluted, and he saluted back. The soldiers waited impatiently for briefing.

"Be seated, " Lay started. "What I'm about to tell you will not leave this room." The admiral took a patented, long inhalation. "Over the past week, the Thewls have informed us of a great many things. Turns out their communication abilities surpass ours by a long shot. Other than exchanging pleasantries, we've been informed of a hostile race they call Lokians. We know that the Lokians destroyed the Thewlian home world. Now, they're telling us Human colonies might be next.

"Lokians are…efficient. It seems they travel through space and destroy advanced civilizations. Once a ci

on for the beacons' placement, the Lokians' modus operandi, and propose a plan for us to work in unison in order to prevent the Lokians from doing to us what they did to them. I'll be in touch the entire time."

The soldiers passed glances, but no one else had any questions. Lay nodded and left the room. O'Hara watched him go; the old man's usual nimbleness had left his legs.

"Hey Cap? We gotta' keep this on the down low from the rest of the crew, ya' heard, " Martinez said.

O'Hara nodded and responded, "True, we'll tell them we're meeting another ship and leave it at that. It shouldn't rouse any suspicion."

The crew shifted their weight nervously, or scratched their cheeks, thumbed at their lips. Fitzpatrick fidgeted with her belt. O'Hara took notice and stepped over to her. She looked up to meet his eyes.

"This seems strange doesn't it? Why would these Thewls, or whatever, be so eager to work with us?"

"I don't know…they left beacons here, maybe they want to return here. If they lost their home world they might want this planet back."

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