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   Chapter 14 No.14

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5232

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"Lieutenant Commander Swain, please report to the loading zone ASAP."

From there, he marched to the loading zone. Swain was already waiting for him.

"What'd you need, Captain, " Swain asked with his brow furrowed.

"Just your excitement, " O'Hara smirked.

"Not sure I follow…."

O'Hara had a glint in his eye. "Just dial your spaz factor up a few notches. We're going to see the admiral, and I want to convince him to allow us to work on those beacons."

"Yes, Sir, " Swain laughed. "I appreciate you taking me with."

O'Hara gave a cocked up nod, implying the plan was a long shot. Soon, the ship settled, and the buzzer in the loading zone rang. Swain hit the switch, causing the door to rise slowly. Eon's orange light spilled over the steel floor. The loading platform then dropped to the ground. The two men took a short walk to the makeshift town. Upon seeing the military tents and bunkhouses, they both glanced at each other and steeled themselves.

As if sensing their presence, Admiral Lay emerged from one of the tents. He was in full dress as usual with his hat tucked under his left arm. He took it and placed it squarely on his head. Swain and O'Hara saluted. The admiral returned the salute once he was within a few paces of the two.

"To what, exactly, do I owe the pleasure, gentlemen?" his tone belied fatigue, frustration.

"Sir, if I may, " O'Hara began. "I know this is asking a lot of you, but Swain and I, and the rest of the crew, have a favor to ask."

Swain was unable to contain himself; grinning like an idiot, he sai

to set up near electrical equipment.

Tinkering with a panel, Swain pieced all the objects back together. He stepped back to glance at Levine. She smiled.

Behind them, against a tapestry of grayish brown clouds, and shimmering, gold leaves swaying from passing breezes, O'Hara and Lay stood with their feet spread and their arms folded. It was unclear whether anything had happened, so Lay turned to O'Hara with a frown. He, in turn, glared at Swain.

"What's going on, men?" Lay demanded.

"Yes, Sir, " Swain choked. "Levine decided on a frequency to relay through satellites back to Earth, you know, to make sure they work first…."

Just then, a response team from Earth relayed back via speakers, stating they had picked up the frequency from Eon. The mere fact that the beacons functioned was great news, but Swain wanted more. He and Levine tried using a handful of different outputs. Everyone waited impatiently.

"Fellas', " Lay chortled. "How long is this going to take?"

"Yeah, Swain…what's going on?" O'Hara dove in.

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