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   Chapter 13 No.13

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5328

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He shook his head in excitement, when his eyes bugged out, causing O'Hara to chuckle; the whole display was rather out of character, but what he had to say was even crazier than the hysterics. "Listen, Cap, I got this all figured out, " his composure slowly returned, "if the frequency output of each beacon is recalibrated to one eighth of the prior, then it'll created an octave, like musical notes. The five octaves should resonate, and act like a giant beacon. It's the same effect as planetary harmonics."

O'Hara was trying to follow. "Plana-who-what? What does the frequency do?"

"Just listen! We'll use one of the original frequencies the beacons were giving off when we found them, see? Then, together, they act like a single beacon; that's the sixth beacon that the panels refer to."

The captain was pensive. "Wait, what's going to happen if we do this? I mean, what's the point of activating these things? Besides, I thought the original frequencies were disrupting the electrical components of our equipment."

"Hold on to your horses; we can relay a message through their satellites, and let them know we found their beacons. As far as the magnetic output, we can set them up in a safe zone on Eon away from the Phoenix."

"Let who know?"

"The aliens, Captain!"

"Get outta' here. You think they're still around after four, thousand years? Are their satellites even still around? Where are they?"

"Look…honestly? I don't know, but we have a chance here. For all we know, they're out there just hoping someone makes contact, " Swain was practically pleading.


he voice over the speaker replied.

Seconds after a subtle shift in pressure wavered throughout the vessel, it vaulted away from the colony. Day set her to autopilot. It was a bit of a trip to Eon from Alpha-3, but after three days at minimal speed, the Phoenix pierced the atmosphere of the purple and green planet once more. During the three days of down time, O'Hara nearly went out of his mind with anticipation. Fortunately, Swain and the others were there to bolster his confidence, lend their emotional support, and lead him to believe that there was no way the old man was going deny them such an opportunity.

Admiral Lay's new Eon colony was a short distance from the Phoenix's first landing near the original dig site. The large ship slowed to a hover and released the hydraulic, landing stilts. Upon touching ground, the captain tried to relax. He left the bridge to be alone with his thoughts, but changed his mind, and considered grabbing Swain. His excitement might help to persuade the admiral. He stopped in a corridor next to a comm. panel.

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