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   Chapter 12 No.12

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O'Hara nodded and looked to Day, saying, "Take us away."

She gently guided the ship through the atmosphere a second time. The captain glossed over the bridge before leaving for conference room B. He felt like everything was bigger, colder, harder. I'm probably just tired.

In room B, O'Hara moved a chair to a steel plate bolted to the wall. It served him as a small table, where he placed his personal computer and looked over his reports. He was confident that a procedure similar to the first extraction was required, but four, smaller teams were comprised to acquire all the beacons at once, so he set up the teams according to everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Swain, Zakowski, and Royce comprised team one. Imes, Becker, and Mickelson were team two. DeReaux, Fitzpatrick, and Tulley were team three. O'Hara, Martinez, and Campbell were team Go get 'em killa, a title he picked to entertain Marty.

Tulley and Campbell, who had not participated in the last mission, were both young and inexperienced, but since the first mission went off without a hitch, the newbs were given a chance to prove themselves. O'Hara nodded in approval, when he heard the door open behind him. He turned to see his crew enter.

"Good, you all made it. Take a seat, everyone. We have a simple goal here, and since we know what to expect, there's no reason for concern. I have the instructions for extraction for each team. Here, take a look, " O'Hara announced, pressing a button on his computer.

At the lectern, he lowered the screen and dimmed the lights. The results of the previous extraction, as well as the new instructions, showed.

"Love our name, Cap. You know me better'n anyone, " Martinez exclaimed

itself were set to undergo a sojourn for the final frontier. It seemed as though the missions of the Phoenix were coming to a halt. It was only logical that O'Hara and his crew take a larger vessel all the way to Century colony.

Century was a settlement approximately halfway between Eon and Earth. There, the captain figured his future was rendezvousing with a second ship coming from Earth. Somehow, the thought of traveling aboard a vessel for a ten plus year round trip was unsettling. Although he wanted more time in space, he didn't want to bus passengers around the colonies.

Chapter Four

"Holy cow, holy, freaking cow!" Swain was going bonkers. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God." He was screaming and running through the corridors of the Phoenix. "Captain!"

O'Hara poked his head from crew quarters, expecting the worst. "What!? What happened?"

Catching his breath, Swain replied, "Captain, the markings on the beacons, they're not referring to a sixth beacon. There is a sixth beacon. I think—"

He was shaking his head and moving his hands and arms a great deal when O'Hara cut him off. "Slow down, Swain."

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