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   Chapter 10 No.10

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5125

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O'Hara pushed out his bottom lip like a pouting toddler, and looked at Mickelson, who mumbled, "Uh, glad you could make it, Sir." Scraggly hair hung over his face, hiding a degree of wear. O'Hara looked at him. "Sir?"

"Well, " the captain demanded. "What do you have?"

Mickelson pushed his glasses back onto his face before speaking. "Turns out the beacon is over four thousand years old, made from Element-115, and the markings Pinter, er um, Nandy found were cross referenced with all known Human languages including Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics, Sumerian, and other Native American pictographs. Nandy and the AMS believed they had found some commonalities in the Sumerian, story cylinders, and other similarities from the markings at Machu Pichu."

O'Hara blinked once before opening his eyes wide. It wasn't an expression of disbelief, but extreme exhaustion. He stared at Mickelson. The implications were not clear.

"And?" he barked.

"Um, and Pinter, I mean Nandy thought it most logical that the markings indicated the locations of the other beacons, " Mickelson explained as he grimaced, pushing his glasses back onto his face.

"We already know the locations. Swain got aerial photography. That's how we knew where to find this one!"

"There were other markings, too, " he whispered. O'Hara gave a motion of the hand to explain. "Some were completely unidentifiable, but Pinter, um, Nandy said they indicated something about the beacons themselves. The number of beacons was a recurrent theme."

That galvanized th

the course of a day, " O'Hara stated. "Maybe each beacon will have more details in that picto-language or whatever, " he added with a flagrant flick of the wrist.

They saluted him. He saluted back before everyone returned to their business. For the captain, that business was sleep. Soon enough, the Phoenix was going to dock at Presh, a moon station. O'Hara managed about two hours of shut eye, and woke when the AMS stated docking procedures were ensuing.

Rolling out of bed to the snores of his crew, he ran fingers through his hair, sipped from a glass of water he kept near his bed, and mentally prepared for a rendezvous with the admiral. Eventually, he made for the bridge, passing others throughout tight corridors. That morning at the helm, Day was her cheery self.

"All set, Captain, " she punched clearance codes to open communications on Presh and spoke. "Presh station, this is Lieutenant Sara Day of the Phoenix. We are here to dock. Captain O'Hara is on board and ready to meet with the admiral."

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