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   Chapter 8 No.8

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"Why create it, " O'Hara probed further.

"It doesn't occur naturally on Earth, or the Sol system for that matter, and we've never found any deposits. Whatever this beacon thing is...well...what it isn't, is anything Human, " Nicholson choked.

Holy crap. Swain was right then. Some other race came and left a beacon?

"Let's not make conjectures yet, let's see what the others found and go from there, " O'Hara said while attempting to maintain his composure.

He went off to do his business. By the time he returned, the entire camp was in an uproar. Apparently, feeling that a celebration was in order, Martinez produced the alcohol he had smuggled in his pack. The captain wanted to stop the party, but decided to let it go. He just wished his man had had better judgment.

"Holy friggin' crap! We came, we saw, we conquered! Fuckin' Swain was right, man! We got genew-ine alien tech... Sir, " Martinez realized where he was, and in whose company, quickly snapping to attention.

His Puerto Rican heritage had caused him to have a full blown beard by then. O'Hara returned the salute and looked at Swain, who was also well on his way to having a beard.

"Swain, what exactly do we know, " O'Hara demanded.

"Well, Sir, " Swain began. "What we have is in fact a beacon. I was able to open it and disrupt its magnetic output. We've been waiting for your permission to begin testing internal components in order to learn what kind of signal it can broadcast. Also, if we can utilize our gear in the presence of the beacon then we should be able to get it aboard the Phoenix, and then get it to Presh for real tests."

"So, why is

veted, and nearly burst out of her seat when O'Hara told her about the beacon.

Chapter Three

A day after the discovery of the beacon, things wound down. Admiral Lay received O'Hara's mission reports, but the scientists continued running tests in order to double check all results. While the captain awaited new orders, he decided to give Phoenix Crew some free time on Eon.

Day stood out of her chair and tugged at her gray skirt. She and Roberts smiled at O'Hara, thanking him for the R and R. He glanced at the two women then at everyone else. They seemed to be waiting for an extra order.

"Go get ready, people. I already had Marty and Zak prep the perimeter. Have fun, " O'Hara said, trying to hide a smile.

The soldiers joked and laughed about playing guard duty for the scientists and deckhands, but they were all pleased, psyched even, to get off the ship and go run around an actual, living, planet. Day asked if he was joining them.

"There isn't anything else to do, " he replied. "Once we're finished testing the beacon here, we'll go to Presh station, but for now…."

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