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   Chapter 7 No.7

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5344

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"Cut the crap, Zak, you'll be fine, " Martinez answered.

"We knew we'd move, but we didn't know how soon, ya' dumb ass, " Fitzpatrick said.

"Had the tests not yielded great results we might have had to stay away until the dig site was cleansed, " Chadwick replied as he rubbed his short, red hair, which was matted to one side from sleep.

They arrived at the dig site and re-established camp. Unable to use any sort of digging rover, or any of their test equipment due to the magnetism, they unpacked their shovels and dug away by hand. That time, Becker complained about grunt work, followed by Zakowski, who claimed he was getting blisters, and lastly, DeReaux said he hated sweating, unless it was between sheets. The captain told them to shut up and dig. The remainder of the day went by with little vulgarity, and by 19:00 hours, they found something.

Chadwick, Levine, and Royce were dusting away the dirt from what looked like a metal deposit. They used spades first, to clear dirt away, but when the object appeared to have a geometric shape, they locked eyes, and ran to retrieve archeological brushes. Soon, they had a conical cylinder uncovered. Swain looked proud of his initial suggestion. He wasn't quite right, but they had something.

"It looks like a probe, " Chadwick commented.

Swain went down to the item and kindly pushed the scientists aside, except Levine who was a mechanical engineer. They exchanged glances then looked at O'Hara. Levine was a nerdy, older woman. Her long, black hair was pulled back, and her bright, blue eyes were really just contacts. While

a found a large rock under a tree, sat against it, and closed his eyes. Essentially, he had succeeded at his mission, which was great news, and the only thing left to do was get the beacon aboard the Phoenix. If there was a way to do so safely, it was Swain's and Levine's job to figure it out. I mean, no way it's alien tech, right? He fell asleep shortly after.

O'Hara awoke to some sort of ruckus. Nicholson wasn't able to contain himself. He and Chadwick, the two chemists, had found something, and the goofy man was in a knot. Mickelson was laughing, but was equally distraught.

"Captain, " they exclaimed in unison. "We have results, Captain."

O'Hara rubbed his eyes. He had to pee.

"What do we have?" he grumbled.

Nicholson hopped in place, saying, "We have Element-115."

He said it like it meant something. "What is Element-115, " O'Hara asked.

"Element-115 is the most stable element in the universe. We've tried extensively to create it synthetically since before we traveled from Earth and formed the colonies, " Nicholson explained.

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