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   Chapter 6 No.6

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 4808

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"Zak, take first with me, " Swain asked.

"Get outta' here, " Zak smiled. "What you really mean is do I want to take first on my own, right?"

"Figured me out, huh? Appreciated."

The pseudo night progressed with no problems. Zakowski did his tour then went to rest after being replaced by Becker. Imes had planned to relieve Swain, but was refused; Swain really wanted to observe the testing procedures rather than stand guard. Imes thought it best to keep Becker company anyway. If he didn't, the captain was going to tear him a new one, so he nabbed his pack, slid it over his shoulders, and started doing squats.

Becker glanced at him. He was making sure she was watching. Those two didn't always get along, but they knew how to follow orders, and they were friendly enough, for the most part, but had some personal issues.

Clarice Becker was a gorgeous woman with a venomous personality. They secretly referred to her as the pit viper. Only Imes had been brave enough to call her that to her face. She broke his nose in reply, not that it stopped him. Samuel Imes, on the other hand, was another tech expert like Swain, only more of a jock. He was less experienced in the tech field than Swain, but he excelled in close quarters combat. He was also an expert at moving under cover, so he loved the twilight of Eon.

After three sets of fifty squats, Imes dropped the pack and started to stretch his hamstrings. Again, he ch

'Hara jeered.

"Well…I'm saying I read that it was...look, I'm just saying that we made it here. It's possible that other races found their way here, too."

"Well, ain't that somethin', " Martinez cut in. "I think Swain's gone out of his God damned mind."

"I agree with Martinez, " O'Hara announced. "We can't speculate. We're here to get results. Most likely, there's some sort of deposit beneath the soil. We'll begin digging today. The first thing we do is pack up camp and move closer to the dig site. Since there's no radiation, we can camp right on top of it." As an afterthought, O'Hara added, "Flying saucer."

They all chuckled, but Swain was a good sport. He frowned and shrugged in resignation. After that, they ate their breakfast, did their business, inventoried their supplies, packed up, and began the mile hike.

"Why did we set up everything just to move? I mean, we knew we would move at some point, right, " Zakowski complained.

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