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   Chapter 17 No.17

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5417

Updated: 2018-01-08 12:03

"You fight for a daemon, you madman!" Garrett screamed. "What can there be to gain after the world is flooded by war? All wars end, and then there is nothing but pain, poverty, and sorrow. You wish to rule a dead world?"

"I do! Lagos has already fulfilled his destiny in Markosh, the daemon world, and soon he comes to Akhai, and I will be supreme ruler of this world, the world of men! A dead world! And in a world of death, the skeletons will fight on forever, their souls never knowing the peace of demise…."

The deathknight creaked and groaned. His fires puffed out and away from his form before subsiding to a red, eerie smolder.

"I, I, " Garrett sputtered and looked to Lyalla.

The elf squirmed a bit, but remained silent. The fencer looked from her to his friends, and frightened glances worked through the group. They then looked to the horrific crowd; citizens were grinning with sheer delight.

"Garrett, " Larson whispered. "He's telling the truth; he's too crazy to be lying."

"I'm with the ox, " Seanessy agreed.

"We can regroup, " Yoris suggested. "Let us take Lyalla and leave."

As the rain washed over Garrett's face, he pushed strands of hair from his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he considered the fact the love of his life was set to die before his eyes. We can fight again…he said Mathew and Roan…he may know about Owensbrook, but he doesn't know Mathew is Roan…that's something…maybe….

There was no time to finish his mental acrobatics; a blinding flash momentarily stunned everyone present, and as the warriors struggled and grunted, they heard Parish scream bloody murder. Upon

royed, and the air had been knocked from his lungs. He struggled to right himself, but the deathknight was relentless; he marched and struck at the ground as Larson tried to shrimp away from the daemonic sword.

"Fall back! You can't take him, " someone yelled. "He's a deathknight. We need holy armaments!"

Scrambling through the slop, Larson managed to take off on all fours, barely avoiding a slice to his backside. Coming to his feet, he saw Mathew waving his hand to call him back. With wide eyes, the warrior turned around, saw the deathknight running to mow him down, and he side-stepped before crashing the head of his axe into the monster's helmet, but the deathknight was indeed impervious to ordinary weapons, and he spun to slash at the warrior, who ducked in the nick of time.

Larson rolled backwards, stood, and struck with all his might from overhead. Again, the knight blocked with shield, only that time, it also ran forwards, thus knocking the warrior into the ground. "Son of a bitch, I can't do this!" Larson growled, scrambling backwards on his butt.

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